The Path of Exile 3.7 Legion League is just around the corner as the official start date is June 7, 2019. Legion introduces to the game many fresh and exciting new mechanics, new gear, new gems, a complete melee overhaul, and far more. As you’re just beginning in the Legion Challenge League (whether it’s HC, SC or SSF), it’s going to be really difficult, so you should opt to start with a budget-friendly and powerful build. The Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Starter Builds we have selected below will provide you with the best start to get the most out of PoE 3.7 Legion. Prepare yourself exile!


Selecting the perfect BEGINNER FRIENDLY BUILD for PoE 3.7 can be difficult as the build has to fulfil certain expectations. You would expect the build to deal decent damage, have high defenses and can withstand even the most brutal of content. But most importantly the build needs to suit your playstyle. All of this on a suitable budget, easy right? Well, no. But this is why we’ve compiled this list of 10 Path of Exile Best Starter Legion League Builds, so you can take the guesswork out of the equation.

Our builds will consist of five of the best budget Melee Build in 3.7 Legion and five best budget Spellcaster builds for 3.7 Legion.

Best Melee Starter Build PoE Legion League

Ahfack’s Crimson Cyclone 3.7 (Slayer)

Cyclone will undoubtedly be a very strong skill heading into PoE Legion. With many players excited to play around with the new mechanics of the channeled skill. Prolific Cyclone user, Ahfack’s has adapted his old 3.4 guide to introduce the new Fortify support Gem, New Legion Aura Pride as well as keeping high leech and impressive physical damage as the core to this 3.7 Cyclone build.

This build is far from complete and is impossible to be so before the 3.7 update hits, however, the build will be updated as soon as possible and you can have complete confidence this Cyclone adaption will be perfect for Legion.

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3.7 Gladiator Bleed Machine – Double Strike Starter Build

The core of this build is the unique Sword Dreamfeather, granting extra damage by staking evasion. The focus of the build is to deal high damage while causing bleed to everything. This build is tried and tested from 3.6 and will only be stronger after the Legion melee rework and changes made to the Gladiator Ascendancy.

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[3.7] Ancestral Warchief Totem Uber Lab Farmer

This build is not technically a melee build at all, however, Using AW to start out is very powerful and at any point, you can convert over to a more expensive melee build with limited change needed.

The Ancestral Warchief Totem build will be a very powerful build option for Legion expansion because it can destroy packs as well as bosses with limited to no gear requirements so virtually no budget is needed. AW totems scale extremely well into the end-game and can comfortably tackle delves with no issues. Because of the heavy armor and life of this build, you will be able to farm Uber Lab and rapidly create a lot of currency in the Legion League. As previously stated, you can then covert the build to almost any melee skill without many issues.

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[3.7] Rake’s Tectonic Slam Equipment Guide – from League Start to Endgame

This is the perfect Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Starter Build for anyone looking to play melee. The guide is very comprehensive and teaches you step by step exactly how to become stronger and scale into the later stages of the game. Quite literally transferring you from rags to riches.

Tectonic slam is great for map clear and boss damage and can do all content for as little as 15 chaos, although naturally, the build will become a lot stronger with decent investment. The build does a great job pinpointing exactly what items you need and why allowing you to comfortably evolve into a dual welding Marauder powerhouse.

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3.7 Hybrid’s take on Jugg Molten Strike | Melt the Atlas

Molten Strike is currently in limbo as we wait to see if the changes made going into PoE Legion will make any drastic changes. However, Molten Strike is one of the most versatile abilities in Path of Exile, utilizing both powerful single-target damage and favorable clear speed. This build’s main objective is to be highly tanky to comfortably farm any material that the game has to offer while retaining a sufficient volume of DPS.

The noteworthy element of this build is no unique is compulsory and those suggested early are readily obtainable at a small cost. This build will still operate on very cheap gear, that being said, you will eventually need to invest in a reasonable amount of currency to fully unlock the total potential of the build.

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Best Range Starter Build PoE Legion League

3.7 Essence Drain & Contagion (or Bane/Soulrend) Trickster

For most of you seeing an ED and Contagion build on this list should come as no surprise. Quite simply, ED & Contagion will be one of the best combos at tackling the new Legion Monoliths content. I can’t think of a skill that can rival this setup in terms of spread potential. Meaning you’ll be able to ‘free’ multiple monsters from the frozen battle, granting you tons more rewards than other builds.

This budget-friendly adaptation of the build utilizes Mind over Matter in combination with Eldritch Battery to help defensively and in terms of gear anything that grants good amounts of Energy Shield. The build offers recommendations but nothing is mandatory.

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Infinite Tinkerer, The Lightning Trap Saboteur

Entering the Best Starter Build list once again. The build has received very little changes since 3.5 which is a good thing as it’s super powerful, easy to level and one of the best league starters providing you enjoy the trapper playstyle.

Trappers are in an exceedingly good spot in Path of Exile 3.7 Legion. After receiving many buffs and QoL changes over the past few expansions, players that enjoy playing as a trapper can now dish out some serious damage. In this build, you’ll be utilizing the Lightning Trap, though you are viably able to use any trap skill with minor adjustments.

This build is my current personal build and I have to say it has been a blast so far! Extremely safe playstyle, great for bosses and the large area of effect from the 3.6 buffed Lightning traps effortlessly clears maps. The only must for this build is the Tinkerskin armour. Once you have the Tinkerskin, you effectively have unlimited mana supply to spam traps indefinitely. I, fortunately, self-found a Singularity Mace which has also helped me transition through maps but it’s unrequired.

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3.7 Big DPS Summoner Necromancer

Another niche build that requires you to enjoy the playstyle that comes with summoners. The build itself can start from as little as 5c which is impressive and can smash through endgame content with ease. While the build highly benefits from certain unique items, none of the required items are regarded as expensive. Kayella the author of this build has included an advanced section of the build for those looking to get the most out of their summoners.

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Enki’s Arc Witch – a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster

Making the list once again is Enki’s Arc Witch. Heading into PoE Legion 3.7 with a proven solid build will be vital to your success, which is why even after many nerfs to this build it makes the list. Enki Constantly updates and adapts the build to get the most out of your character.

The last nerfs to Arc cut in half the chain length. No sugar coating things, this hurt all Arc builds, big time!

It’s not all doom and gloom mind, early leveling with Arc is still top tier and so is dealing with the end game content. It’s just the transitioning period between early to mid and mid to end that’s now a bit wonky. You will still be able to clear all content and all based on a single skill. No unique defines this build or hidden expensive catches. Plus with the Monolith mechanic, Arc should do really well tagging and freeing multiple soldiers.

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3.7 GOLEMENTALIST Flame Golems Elementalist

Untouched in Path of Exile Legion 3.7, Golemancers remain just as strong as previous leagues. All that’s required to get this build started is a Clayshaper, once again spending more currency will drastically improve performance. There are multiple stages to the core strength of this build but the biggest upgrade is once you have acquired the Jewel Primordial Mite. Having you minions be aggressive not only increases your clear speed but also survivability by not having to micromanage them.

I personally love this rendition of the Golemancer as most builds utilize Ice Golems or multiple variants of Golems. This build, however, gets the most out of the Flame Golems, which in my opinion is more stunning to watch.

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Legion Starter Builds Path of Exile
Legion Starter Builds Path of Exile

I hope you find this guide useful and are able to find a Path of Exile Best Starter Build Legion League that suits your style. Good Luck Exiles.