Epic Games have announced on their blog today that Fortnite and the NFL have teamed up to release 32 NFL skins plus an additional Fortnite Team outfit. Fortnite has been no strangers when it comes to releasing collaborated content, with the popularity of the game reaching all corners of the globe, it’s understandably going to attract high profile organizations.


As Fortnite continued to gain popularity, we’ve seen many sports-related goal celebrations based on Fortnite dances. That includes the NFL, with players like Eric Ebron delivering an impressive Fortnite inspired touchdown celebration.

The 32 NFL skins are due to land in the item store on November 9. Just like the previous sport related skins  World cup skins, once you’ve purchased a skin you’ll be able to customize the style to any of the thirty-two NFL teams. You’ll also be able to select the number that’s on your uniform from 0-99. Along with the skins will be themed Pickaxes, Emotes, Gliders, and a referee outfit!

NFL had to say this about their new partnership with Fortnite.

We see the popularity of Fortnite every day at the NFL as many of our players are passionate about this game, said Brian Rolapp, Chief Media and Business Officer at the NFL. This partnership represents a great opportunity for millions of NFL fans who are Fortnite players to express their fandom inside the game while at the same time exposing our brand to countless others.

Are you happy with Fortnite’s choice to collaborate with the NFL?