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5 Best Path of Exile Boss Killer Builds

Delete Elder, Shaper and all other PoE Bosses with these 5 Powerful Synthesis Boss Killer Builds

Are you looking for a Path Of Exile Build That can easily kill all bosses in the game? Then look no further, we have 5 PoE boss Killer builds that are perfect for you.

Constructing a successful character in Path of Exile is both important and rewarding. I’m certain many of you, like me, have created a PoE character only to have found that by end game, it either lacks clear speed or has a low damage output on bosses. If you’re looking for a build that can defeat the likes of Uber Izaro, Uber Elder, Shaper and any other boss you can think of then one of the five builds below will be perfect for you!


Path of Exile Best boss Killer Builds
Path of Exile Boss Killing

Path of Exile Best Boss Killer Builds

Adopting the right 3.6 Synthesis Boss killing build in Path of Exile is vitally important. If done correctly your character can become extremely efficient at farming currency fast. Whether you plan to use the character as a way to finance another build or to employ the boss killer as your main, the most important factor should be whether the build looks fun to play for you personally. If a build looks dull and boring to you, then chances are you will not enjoy the experience no matter how good it is at killing all bosses in PoE.

3.6 Molten Strike Juggernaut – PoE Best Boss Killer

Class – Marauder/Juggernaut

A perfect build that not only makes you incredibly tanky with over 9k life but the build also pumps out serious damage which scales the more you invest into the build. For those already aware of Molten Strike’s strong ability to wipe bosses of the face of the Atlas, will be unsurprised to see a molten strike build in a list of best Poe Boss Killers. However, we believe the build is not only extremely good in Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis but thanks to the melee rework due for 3.7, the build will become unexpectedly better. Possibly not in terms of damage but functionality.

Build Overview

The build focuses on scaling life from gears and the PoE passive tree and utilizes armor and endurance charges to mitigate hits suffered. Acquiring a single threshold jewel, Grelwood Shank weapon, Dying Sun flask and a helmet with the “Molten Strike fires 2 additional projectiles” enchantment. Molten Strike will be spitting out an impressive 11 balls!


  • Incredibly tanky with impressive damage
  • Significant scaling potential
  • Can do all content


  • Potentially very expensive.

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3.6 Ice Golemancer Build – Huge Damage

Class – Witch/Elementalist

Nothing screams power more than many miniature Ice Golems effortlessly destroying Shaper. This build is perfect for those that like to adopt a more relaxing approach to Path of Exile. The Ice Golemancer is viable for all content and is relatively inexpensive. The build does require some unique items to be able to transition from leveling to Golemancer however they are not expensive.

The build really comes to life and transforms from an average map clearer to an army of pure power once you acquire four jewels. To begin with, you’ll want to get Primordial Might, which will increase your Golem’s life but most importantly your Golems will become aggressive. This will help the overall functionality and smoothness of gameplay. You’ll then want to grab a Primordial of Eminence, The Anima Stone and then Primordial of Harmony (multiple).

Build Overview

You’ll start this build as a self-cast arc build and focus on leveling and saying currency. Once you have transitioned to Golemancer, you possess the potential to dish out over 500k damage with just ONE Golem. Go hunt Path of Exile bosses and kill with ease. Profit.


  • Extremely high damage per Golem
  • Easy playstyle
  • All content Viable


  • Expensive to min-max damage
  • Lazy playstyle

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Glacial Cascade Miner Saboteur

Class – Shadow/Saboteur

Glacial Cascade miners have remain a dominating boss killer in Path of Exile for a while now. It has, however, been slightly nerfed in PoE 3.6 Synthesis. Even with the nerfs the build still remains one of the best at killing all bosses in Path of Exile.

The build focuses on laying down mines and then activating them to explode Glacial Cascade all over your screen. You will have to remain mobile, and the playstyle can be a bit of a learning curve if you have never played a miner/trapper before. Playing as a miner with a powerful skill like Glacial Cascade does have its benefits especially when it comes to killing bosses. Due to the mechanics of mines, you can place multiple mines and activate which can skip many boss mechanics and interactions.

Build Overview

While this build is not the tankiest PoE boss killer on our list, it does benefit from being a hard-hitting “safe” playstyle. To start, you’ll want to level with arc/arc mines until you feel comfortable with the switch over to Glacial Cascade.


  • Safe playstyle
  • High damage output
  • Can one shot certain bosses


  • 3.6 Glacial Cascade and Arc nerf.
  • Not tanky

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3.6 Budget Friendly Tanky Vortex CI Occultist

Class – Witch/Occultist

Dealing cold damage over time seems to be the current trend in Path of Exile and because of that this boss killing build, unfortunately, has got a little more expensive than it formerly was. Placing that aside, squirting pools of swirling ice on demand is extremely fun and super strong. The build is not merely great at killing all bosses in Path of Exile but is remarkably efficient at map clearing in general.

With 3.6 introducing huge CI buffs players can finally tank while investing in energy shield. Becoming a tanky Vortex Occultist enjoys many benefits. You’re tanky enough to take random big hits. Safe thanks to the Vortex ability to chill or freeze enemies and powerful due to the rework of cold skills and damage over time.

Build Overview

Starting out you’ll be building your character with life nodes until you have achieved high enough level to replace your gear over to energy shield. This means you’ll have to respect a few passive points once you’re around level 60-90. Vortex is an extremely strong skill and you can adapt your build over to Vortex the moment it’s available at level 28.


  • Great map clear
  • Tanky
  • All bosses easily defeated


  • Cold damage over time has increased in price.
  • Movement Speed on the slower side.

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3.6 Volatile Dead PoE Boss Killer

Class Templar/Inquisitor

This Volatile Dead build can shred through all content without breaking a sweat. Hardcore and Softcore viable. The beauty with Volatile Dead builds is the simplistic playstyle, once spawned the orbs will seek out their target and do all the heavy lifting for you!

You’ll be utilizing desecrate to spawn corpses for you to cast VD on, this will help you build up many orbs to attack your target. Perfect for killing bosses in all content. There is additionally an elemental version of the build if you prefer, however, we believe the inquisitor is the better option out of the two.

Build Overview

Start out by using magma Orb until level 12 and then switch to Firestorm. By level 16 you’ll be able to switch over to the VD setup. From this point, it’s all about scaling your elemental damage and spell damage.


  • Hardcore and Softcore Viable
  • Good Map Clear
  • Safe


  • Have to rely on corpses for damage output.
  • Takes a little longer to identify profound benefits.

View Build

There you have it, 5 Best Boss Killer Builds Synthesis PoE Path of Exile. We hope you’ve discovered one that interests you. Good Luck Exile.


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