With the upcoming 3.7 Path of Exile Legion Expansion just hours away from release, I wanted to share 5 Great Path of Exile Starter tips to help you get a successful league start. The following tips will not unveil some hidden secret strategy to unlocking a Headhunter within the first day of the league. It will instead provide you with easy to digest tips to ensure you have the best chance possible when starting the new PoE Legion League.


1. Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Goals

The first and most obvious tip is to set your goals before the league starts. Before the action starts, ask yourself what you desire to achieve this league. Are you looking to clear the Atlas, reach level 100, finally kill Uber for the first time, or to farm as much currency as possible? Your answers to these questions will hugely impact how you should start the PoE 3.7 League and the Legion starter build you should pick.

Tip one and two (selecting a starter build) are intertwined very closely, If your goal is to clear the Atlas then you will want to find a starter build that can rip through maps at a fast and efficient rate. Whereas, if the goal is to kill bosses than you will want to look for a starter build that has powerful single target damage and high defenses. Setting a goal doesn’t have to be overly ambitious. It just needs to be a realistic goal that can be casually achieved throughout the league.

Without an explicit goal, Path of Exile can become overwhelming, fast. The fact is, GGG has introduced so many end game mechanics that the majority of builds cannot exceed in all areas. It’s best to provide yourself a clear understanding of what content you are looking to farm, to prevent unexpected rage inducing scenarios later on.

2. Path of Exile 3.7 Starter Builds

As previously stated, tip one and two are significantly related, however, selecting the appropriate starter build for Path of Exile 3.7 represent single-handedly the most crucial step you need to take. Knowing exactly how your skill tree will look will not only save time during gameplay but provides a better understanding of when you’ll hit your power spikes.

But what exactly makes a good starter build?

Finding the best starter build for PoE Legion 3.7 can be extremely difficult, as, with every league, new skills have been introduced and old ones modified. It’s unsurprising to want to dive into these new skills and experiment, which we fully recommend trying…Eventually. However, as a league starter, you’ll typically want to avoid the unknown. Look for builds that have already been proven over the countless leagues as being successful in the areas aligned with your goals.

The key areas that you’ll want to consider when selecting a starter build are:

  • Low Budget (No expensive unique or items)
  • No reliance on endgame gear (you don’t want to have to wait until level 60+ for your build to finally work as intended.)
  • Easy to level.
  • Fun to play (personal)
  • Achieve the goals you’ve set yourself.

There are more nuances that you can look out for but the points above are the fundamental reason for picking a certain starter build. You can view our recommended Path of Exile Best Starter Build 3.7 Legion League if you require help selecting one.

3. Play PoE from the start of the league

Every league that Path of Exile release, traditionally follows the same flow of behavior. At the start of each league, there are more players actively playing then there are at the end of the league. As a result, you can typically improve your build faster in the beginning stages of the league by selling farmed items at an extortionate price. You can take advantage of a large number of players by selling in-demand items like maps and high-level skill gems.

If lucky enough to reach high valued areas before 90% of the league, then you can generate staggering amounts of currency by selling off fragments, maps, and other high valued items. An outstanding resource for in-demand items and gems is Poe.ninja, we recommend you get familiar with the site’s layout and search parameters to maximize gains.

4. Hoard, Hoard, Hoard!

Continuing from our third tip, playing PoE Legion from the start of the league has its benefits but also some downsides. In most cases, large currency like Exalts and Divine Orbs will be worth less in comparison to the later stages of the league. Therefore it’s best to sell high-value items that you’ve acquired and keep onto the valuable currency obtained until the later stages for even more profit!

Pay close attention to the league meta by following the in-game chat, checking out PoE forums and Reddit and watching a few streams here and there. This way you can adapt your build and improve your strategy while generating a tidy profit in the process.

5. 3rd Party Tools

If you’re serious about the new league and want all the help you can get than using PoE 3rd Party tools are almost mandatory. Many tools can greatly improve the gaming experience and speed up almost all aspects of the game. Here’s a list of PoE Legion 3.7 3rd Party tools we recommend using:

Best PoE 3.7 Tools

Loot Filters – I’m my opinion there is no superior quality of life option than Loot Filters. Removing all the scraps of junk from your screen so you can solely focus on what’s valuable to you is such a tremendous feeling. It can, however, be hard to find the perfect filter for you, which is why we made PoE Best 3.7 Loot Filters to help you determine the appropriate choice.

PoE Trade Macro – This tool means serious business! With the click of a few buttons, you can instantly see how much an item is worth, compare any items to similar selling on PoE trade, and gain more in-depth information about any given item. PoE Trade Macro removes any guesswork about an item and helps you determine whether you should keep, vendor or sell an item.

Download PoE Trade Macro

Lutbot – Safety first! Lutbot is a great versatile PoE tool that can do a substantial number of cool quick shortcuts. The most fundamental aspect of Lutbot is the logout macro. Using Lutbot you can bind any key to auto log you out of the game, which is vital in hardcore leagues. Not only can Lutbot save your character the embarrassing walk of shame into standard, but it also features quick chat commands. For example, fighting a boss while someone wants a trade, press a predetermined shortcut key and let Lutbot inform them with a predefined message like “In a map, be 5 minutes.”

Download Lutbot

Exilence – One for the stat lovers. Exilence is a tool for tracking net worth, gear, and maps. Players can use this tool to see how much currency they are earning per hour. Get real-time updates of you and your parties items, track maps statistic like how much time spent in each map and far more. Exilence can help you make sure you are being efficient with your time playing Path of Exile.

Download Exilence

Thanks for reading our 5 Path of Exile Starter Tips For A Great League Start 3.7 Legion. We hope this guide will help you gain the best start to PoE Legion possible. If you have any questions, or improvements drop us a message below or reach out to us on social media.