Build a powerful team of heroes in a new round-based strategy game, fending off seven opponents to become the last one standing

Riot Games is set to introduce a brand new game mode Teamfight Tactics that will come to live servers during LoL patch 9.13. This new game mode will give users a brand new gaming experience than we ever had before in League of Legends.

Players will assemble a team of heroes in a round-based strategy earning gold to spend on future rounds, upgrading your assembled team. Strategically, you will need to pick champions that work well together, unlocking their full potential.

The main objective in Teamfight Tactics is to outlast seven of your opponents and become victorious.

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LoL Teamfight Tactics

The game mode will see users playing a round-based strategy game, building and assembling LoL heroes on a brand-new duelling map. Reminding me of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links where you place monsters on a board where you strategically fight and overcome your challenger.

LoL Teamfight Tactics Game Mode Map
Teamfight Tactics Map – League Of Legends

In Teamfight Tactics, players will need to spend gold before the match to recruit League of Legends champions to your team. Just like similar strategic turn/round based games like Hearthstone, Dota Auto Chess, certain characters will influence other characters making them stronger and unlocking their full potential when they are part of a team. In this case, champions that share origins and classes unlock trait bonuses.

You can further upgrade your champion by combining three of the same champion to turn them into a super version of themselves. One of the reasons why it reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh, to get a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh you will need to combine three Blue-Eyes White Dragons.

Combining three super versions in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) will turn the champion into an ultimate version of themselves.

Unlike Yu-Gi-Oh and Hearthstone where you can control each move of your heroes or cards during your round, your champions will move attack and cast spell automatically in TFT. Therefore, you must plan and strategize on choosing your champions wisely to tactically defeat your opponents before and after each round.

Once you start, your team will travel to your opponent’s board or vice-versa and the battle will commence as you witness your assembled team move, cast spells and attack automatically.

After each round, you will earn gold to make necessary upgrades to help you prevail in future rounds. You will be up against seven opponents and the last one standing will be victorious.

Teamfight Tactics Little Legends

Little Legends will be your avatar that will able to perform various dancing, emoting and animating, giving you a bit of encouragement and taunting your enemies.

There are several Little Legends to pick from with more to come in future patches just like skins. You may pick one-time-only free Little Legends or purchase addition Legends in the Riot Store for 750 RP (Riot Points).

Available Little Legends Teamfight Tactics LoL
Available Little Legends – Teamfight Tactics | LoL

In addition, there will be Rare Little Legends Eggs that can be purchased for 490 RP from the Riot Store that will contain special variants of the Little Legend that you can level up. Hatching a Little Legends you already own will power up the Little Legends, updating the model and gaining bonus effects.

Little Legends Eggs Upgrade Teamfight Tactics LoL
Little Legends Eggs Upgrade – Teamfight Tactics | LoL

Once it reaches max level (Third level) you will be unable to hatch from future Little Legends Eggs

Once Teamfight Tactics makes it into League Of Legends, we will keep you updated with the latest information and details about Riot Games new game mode.

What do you think of the new game mode, are you excited to play it or will it turn out like Nexus Blitz? Leave a comment below.