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A New Challenger Approaches – LoL Arcade ULTRACOMBO Event, Loot and Rewards

Arcade and Battle Boss Skins, Chromas, Arcade Tokens, Arcade Orbs and many more coming in Arcade ULTRACOMBO event 2019, including Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition Skin and Arcade 2019 Pass.

Riot Games is preparing for their next grand event in League of Legends, the Arcade ULTRACOMBO event. Where users can enjoy participating in event-related missions, earning Arcade themed rewards and loot, not to mention the limited event only Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Skin.

Teasing users ahead of the event, Riot Games and unveiled an Arcade Animated Trailer revealing some of the Arcade themed skins that will be made available. Arcade Kai’Sa, Arcade Caitlyn, Battle Boss Yasuo and Battle Boss Qiyana.

At the end of the clip, Riot Games revealed a further two more skin that will become available, Demacia Vice Skins for Lucian and Garen.

New champion Qiyana will make a debut in League Of Legends this week just in time for the Arcade ULTRACOMBO event 2019. Rising from a new world Ixaocan, until now unknown to Runeterra. Qiyana is ready to show off her affinity of the elements and take on the world.

Upon making her debut, she will be shipped with her secondary skin which is an Arcade theme related skin, Battle Boss Qiyana. During the League Of Legends Arcade event, you will be able to unlock Qiyana Icon and Borders and Chroma skins.


Arcade ULTRACOMBO Event 2019 League Of Legends
Arcade ULTRACOMBO Event 2019 – League Of Legends

During the event, users can pick up the Arcade 2019 Pass, purchasable from the Riot Store that rewards each holder Arcade Tokens for every match they participate in. Plus exclusive missions in which you can earn up to 25 Prestige Points.

Players will be able to spend their Arcade Tokens with Event shop, filled with Arcade themed rewards.

Check all the cool stuff that will be available during the Arcade ULTRACOMBO Event.

When is LoL Arcade ULTRACOMBO event?

Arcade 2019 Event will take place on 28th June 2019 until 29th July, 2019.

Arcade Pass

Purchasing an Arcade 2019 Pass will automatically reward you with an Arcade Star Icon, Four Arcade Orbs, 200 Arcade Tokens and bonus Tokens rewarded for every game you play.

How much bonus Arcade Tokens you receive depends on several outcomes. See image below of how the Arcade Tokens are awarded.

Arcade Pass 2019 Bonus Arcade Token Rewards List LoL
Arcade Pass 2019 Bonus Arcade Token Rewards List – LoL

Players who own the Arcade 2019 Pass will be given exclusive set of missions to complete during the Limited Arcade Event. Each of these missions will reward you with 5 Prestige Points once successfully completed. See image below of list of exclusive Arcade Pass Missions.

Arcade Pass 2019 Exclusive Mission List LoL
Arcade Pass 2019 Exclusive Mission List – LoL

Users without a pass with still have other event missions available during the event. Completing these missions will reward you with Arcade Tokens. Earning a maximum of 300 Arcade Tokens from mission rewards.

Arcade Event Shop

The Arcade ULTRACOMBO Event will have its own limited shop where you can exchange Token for Arcade-themed rewards.

Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition Skin

The main prize, Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition is only available during The Arcade event and can be exchanged for 2000 Tokens.

Purchasing the Arcade Pass will help collect event tokens faster.

You can check Caitlyn Prestige Edition Skin here

Chromas and Icon

All Chromas and Icon will cost 300 Arcade Tokens each.

  • Arcade Kai’Sa K.O.
  • Battle Boss Yasuo K.O.
  • Battle Boss Qiyana K.O.
  • Arcade Miss Fortune K.O.
  • Arcade Sona K.O.
  • Arcade Riven K.O. 

Borders and Icons

Borders and Icons in the Arcade ULTRACOMBO event shop will cost 250 Tokens Each.

  • Arcade Kai’Sa
  • Battle Boss Yasuo
  • Battle Boss Qiyana
  • Arcade Caitlyn

Emotes, Arcade 2019 Ward Skin, Icons and Arcade Orb

  • K.O. Animated Emote for 150 Tokens
  • D’Pengu Animated Emote for 150 Tokens
  • GAME OVER Emote for 75 Tokens
  • Arcade 2019 Ward Skin for 125 Tokens
  • Pixel Arcade Poro Icon for 50 Tokens
  • Corrupted Arcade Poro Icon for 50 Tokens
  • Arcade Orb for 200 Tokens 

Arcade Loot

As soon as the Arcade Event begins, you can purchase Arcade Orb that comes with 16 Arcade Tokens within the Riot Store for 250 RP (Riot Points). Bigger bundles are available where you can get 10 Arcade Orbs + 1 Bonus Orb + 160 Arcade Tokens for
2500 RP or 25 Arcade Orbs + 1 Arcade Jackpot + 400 Arcade tokens for 6250 RP.

Arcade Orb Rewards

Whether you purchase Arcade Orbs or completed missions that reward you with Arcade Orbs, you can open them up in the Hextech Crafting area.

Each Orb contains:-

  • 1 Random Skin Shard
  • Bonus Roll
    • 4% chance to drop the Arcade Jackpot
    • Jackpot contains 3 legacy skin shards (one guaranteed 975+) and guaranteed 1520 Orange Essence
    • Gemstone and Mythic Skin Permanent drop rates multiplied by 1.5 

Arcade Skins + Battle Boss Skins

All Arcade and Battle Boss skins will be available for purchase within the Riot Store for 1350 RP and will continue to be available once the event is ended. (Excludes Caitlyn Prestige Edition Skin)

Arcade skins are taken up by Caitlyn and Kai’Sa and the Battle Boss skin have gone to new champion Qiyana and Yasuo.

Demacia Vice Skins

Demacia Vice Garen and Demacia Vice Lucian will also be available and similar to the Arcade and Battle Boss skin will be available for purchase for 1350 RP

Note: There is a random chance to receive any skin shard when opening up Capsules, Orbs and Hextech Chests including skins that are no longer available for purchase.


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