Use the new Neo prefabs to build your own futuristic utopia world. Adding Hover Platforms and customisable creatures to bring your design to life

Fortnite Season 9 is finally here! The aftermath of the devastating damage the volcano eruption has caused brings a whole new world to the Battlegrounds. To help build towards a new future and rebuild the towns, Neo Prefabs have been added to the Creative Mode. Using the new Hover platforms allows for sky-high construction to use with your prefabs.

You will now also be able to customize creatures with the Creatures Manager for more advanced- fun-packed games and more.

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Neo Prefabs

Tilted Towers and Retail Row were among the popular destinations within Fortnite battlegrounds and were destroyed when large pieces of rocks came crashing down as soon as the volcano erupted. Season 9 has revamped these locations with a futuristic design using Neo prefabs.

Now within Fortnite Creative Mode, six brand-new Neo prefabs are available for you to produce your own futuristic world. In addition, various Neo galleries have been added giving you access to props and furniture to fill your new creative design.

Neo Galleries

Hover Platforms

Create your very own futuristic floating city by building on top of Hover Platforms or use them as stepping stones to get to higher ground or as a decoration that holds exotic plants, loot, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Hover platforms can be placed anywhere and allow you to build, place prefabs or items directly on top creating sky-high constructions. Make sure you place the Hover platform first as sometimes this can cause your buildings to be destroyed. Below is a brief example of what you can do with Hover Platforms.

Creature Manager

The Creature Manager allows you to customise your creature giving you more control. You can change what the creature looks likes, setting the health and damage it can cause. Even setting how much score a player receives when the creature has been eliminated. Allowing you to create a more advanced, complex game mode designs.

Creature Manager Settings

To start editing your creature you will first need to equip the Creature Manager device. Open up your inventory and select the Devices tab and equipped the Creature Manager Device shown in the image below.

Creature Manager Inventory Menu Fortnite Creative
Creature Manager Inventory Menu – Fortnite Creative

Place the Creature Manager wherever you like the creature to be. Walk up to it and click the on-screen button prompt “Customize”.

Creature Manager Customize Settings Fortnite Creative
Customize Creature Manager – Fortnite Creative

This should bring up a menu and settings to customize your creature in Fortnite. You can change the design of the creature, Setting the creature health and damage.

Creature Manager Customize Settings Menu Fortnite Creative
Creature Manager Customize Settings Menu – Fortnite Creative

Meadow Island

Fortnite Season 9 has added a new island to Fortnite’s Creative Mode, Meadow island. A 105 x 105 tiles flat, grass island.

Meadow Island Fortnite Creative Mode
Meadow Island – Fortnite Creative Mode