Adopt Me on Roblox is a popular game with thousands of people striving to get their dream pets. It takes a lot of time, commitment, and a reasonable degree of luck to secure the higher end pets. You can accelerate things by investing real-life money which makes your little digital sidekicks much more valuable.

In Adopt Me, a grim and dangerous underworld has emerged as a result of the high demand and the desire of people to get the things they want without investing good old-fashioned hard work. There are people out there who want to exploit honest players to make a profit in real life.

The team behind Adopt Me is aware of the situation, and in a recent Twitter announcement, stated that work has started to try and combat scammers. Currently, the trade window is the only safe way to do any kind of swapping in Adopt Me. Using this trade window players can choose to accept or decline anything that is being offered. So if there’s one thing to be aware of, is strictly use the window for any trades!

No matter how rigorous the protection against scammers, they will nearly always adapt and come up with some other creative ways to trick the innocent. Below we’ve identified what the most popular scams tend to be so that you can Avoid these Adopt Me Scams in the future! Hopefully, when the Fossil Eggs (Dino) update arrives, most of these scams are made redundant!

Scams to Avoid in Adopt Me Pets!

The Lunchtime Sting

Kicking off our list is one of the tamest types of scam, but can still catch players off guard if too trusting of others. Utilizing the Lemonade and hotdog stands (items that can be purchased for a small amount of Robux) players can set a price between 1-50 Adopt Me, Bucks. Usually, players will tend to sell goods for around 1 or 2 bucks, but some sell them for the maximum price, but why?

It’s really simple, they scam people in an effort to make bucks in the game far quicker. They frequently offer further incentives to justify their price and often include giving away a pet for each sale.

These individuals have no intention of giving you anything at all and after you’ve bought their ridiculously expensive goods they’ll just leave, log in to another server and continue the process of filling their pockets with players hard-earned bucks.

The Pet Snatcher

Want to level your pet but can’t be bothered investing time and energy into it? This is where the pet sitters eagerly pounce. These scammers will provide a risky and devious option to you – they’ll level your pets for you! They will make the argument that both players will get what they want, you a full-grown pet and them extra bucks. Win-win?

These scams may take a little longer to come to an inevitable end as the scammer often attempts to gain your trust by first raising and delivering a lower value pet. Once they’ve gained your trust, they will offer to help raise a more valuable pet! At this point they will disappear, patting themselves on the back for a job well done.

There are many ways to avoid being caught out just by using the game’s official features like creating a family. The bottom line, never give anyone a valuable pet, in exchange for services. In most cases, you’ll never see the pet again!

The Mysterious Duper

The Adopt Me Pet Dupe scam is where someone is promising to duplicate your pet, thus giving you a two for one deal. This is obviously a very appealing deal, especially because the service is typically available at no charge. They will also demonstrate how their pet dupe works by asking you to trade them a low-tier pet to earn your trust. They’ll then ‘dupe’ your pet and trade back two of the very same pets. Now that they’ve got you believing in their hacking abilities, they’ll offer to do the same again but with a pet of high value.

The issue here is that Adopt Me Pet Duplicating is not possible, and even if it was, it would never be free! So how do they duplicate the low tier pet?

They actually have a stockpile of common pets and are really only giving you one of the pets from their collection to give a dupe pets impression. If they manage to convince you, they will leave immediately after you give them a valuable pet.

The Businessman

Many kids, unfortunately, do not have any means to get Robux, so when a scammer offers to purchases one of their pets for a large amount it can be very hard to say no to the opportunity. To convince you that they mean business they’ll often claim to be super-rich and that Robux means nothing to them. Like in all scams, they will definitely leave the server once you have given them your item, leaving you empty-handed and upset.

Keep in mind, while there are ways to receive Robux from another player, the process is complicated. For young kids, this process can be far to complex, meaning even if the offer was sincere (which it won’t be) they would have no understanding of how they can claim their Robux. So please stay away from these kinds of exchanges!

The Food Bandit

One of the most prolific scams in Adopt Me, the fail trade. How and why people go to all this effort to find glitches and exploit them in this way is mind-boggling. Nevertheless, Do you want to fail trade, is one question that everybody should say no to.

What is a fail trade?

In short, it’s a quirky little bug within the Adopt Me trade system. Place an item like food in the trade window along with a pet, then send the food item to the other player directly. Due to you no longer owning the food item in the trade window, an error will occur and the trade will fail.

Just like most scams, the fail trade starts by earning the victim’s trust. Starting with lower-valued pets the fail trade will complete successfully, or unsuccessfully in this case. However, once you place a valuable pet in the trade window, the scammer will quickly send back the food item you sent directly. So when you accept the trade you’ll once again own the item and thus the trade will complete with them ending up with your pet as the outcome!

The Switcher

I traded my mega pet for a different mega pet but now it’s only a neon, how?”

The worst types of scams are ones that leave you confused and unsure of how it even happened. Which is why this scam angers me the most! This scam is unfortunately very easy to pull off and will catch out even the savviest of players if they are not careful. Typically, the scammer will go around trading players and placing their Mega pet in the trade window. Normally the pet will be slightly above the value of your pet, so they will ask you to add a little. While the victim hunts through their inventory of pets, the scammer quickly switches out the Mega pet to a Neon pet of the same type.

Sadly this scam occurs far too much, and most of the time will have the victim scratching their heads asking themselves… How?

The Trader

Easily the worst offending scam in Adopt me – Trust trades, as the name suggests is based solely on trust. You have to be sure that the individual you trade with will not rip you off. Despite these risks, people somehow seem to love the ‘rush’ of completing trust trades.

It works by making one player place cheap items in the trading window and clicking accept, in the hopes the other player will then trade something else back. At first, the scammer will happily send back items of equal value, slowly building up trust. But the moment you send over something of value, Poof!! Just like that, they are gone!

Always remember if you don’t know the person they have no loyalties to you. Never engage in trust trades with strangers, it will never end well.

There are many more devious scams within Adopt Me including people pretending to be poor, special giveaways, and alt account upselling. With no doubt many more coming in the future. So please, avoid the temptation, stay safe, and if something seems too good to be true, it usually is!

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