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Akali, Irelia, Jinx and Pyke Are Set to Receive Project Skins in PROJECT: Reckoning Event in LoL

Left abandoned, a band of cybernetics plan to seek revenge on their creator, the Project Corporation.

Riot Games teases new Project skins for the return of the PROJECT Event coming soon to League of Legends along with Project pass and a new Prestige Edition skin, redeemable via Project event Tokens

Currently, the Arcade ULTRACOMBO event is live in LoL where players can participate in event exclusive missions, earning rewards and unlocking limited event cosmetics. However, Riot Games are already planning for their next event, Project: Reckoning.

Riot Games has teased users with an animated trailer for the upcoming event, teasing four new skins in the process, Project Akali, Project Irelia, Project Jinx and Project Pyke.

The four cybernetic outsiders have been left abandoned by the same organization that created them, the Project Corporation. Akali, Irelia, Jinx and Pyke are conjuring a plan to infiltrate The City and destroy anyone that stands in their way.

You are able to glimpse each champions Project skin in the short animated trailer or you can check them in the gallery below.

Riot Games Xenogenic, Design Lead on Events/Missions/Skins, share more information on the PROJECT: Reckoning event via Twitter. Detailing that there will be Project Pass to help users collect daily event tokens, so they can unlock a Prestige Edition Skin that will be redeemable via Project Tokens.

Normally, when a Prestige Edition skin is announced, the champion receiving the limited rare skin will include another skin released alongside it. The next Prestige Edition skin is likely to represent an alternative version of the new upcoming Project Skins.

Either Project Irelia, Project Jinx or Project Pyke skins is set to have the White and Gold colors of the Prestige Edition Skin. We have ruled out Akali due to the fact she has already received K/DA Akali Prestige Edition Skin. However, you never know, there may be a surprise in store revealing another champion receiving some new skins.

Edit: Irelia will be wearing the Prestige Colors with her Project Irelia Prestige Edition Skin.

Riot has tweeted an update on the Project skins, with a surprise inclusion of Project Warwick.

No details have yet to be announced regarding Loot, Rewards, Missions of the Project: Reckoning Event but will we keep you posted as soon as we do.


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