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There’s inevitably an adjustment period at the start of a new season, as players try to digest all the changes Epic Games have introduced. In an attempt to keep the game fresh, the Fortnite map undergoes frequent changes at the start and throughout the season.

Season X marks ten seasons of consistent game changes and map alterations. We’ve seen everything from villain lairs to Icebergs and even pirates ships! After the massive futuristic changes introduced in Season 9 to popular POIs like Tilted Towers and Retail Row, many assumed that only minor changes would occur for season 10. Naturally, once the teasers released online, it became apparent this was not the case.

The Mysterious orb left at Loot Lake after the great battle between the robot and monster exploded! The destructive orb spread chaos all over the Fortnite map, creating a unique time bubble that has brought back a dearly missed iconic location. The theme for Season X appears to be a celebration of all previous seasons with the Battle Pass bringing back many infamous skins with quirky alterations.

Data-miners Uncovered files pertaining to Neo Tilted or more accurately Tilted Town. Files found by Twitter leaker FortTory shows Neo Tilted will at some point receive a wild west makeover. The image below shows a circular ring around the afflicted area of the Fortnite map currently. My prediction is this area will move throughout Season 10 changing multiple areas in distinctive variations of time. I believe that once, the ring has moved away from Dusty Depot, Dusty Divot will return as normal. In essence, only the location currently under the dome will change. Time will tell if I’m incorrect. If you have a different theory, drop a message below. I’d love to hear them.

Fortnite Map Changes
Fortnite Map Changes

Back to the major Season 10 Map Changes, here’s all the noticeable changes and some potential clues as to other nostalgic locations returning:

Fortnite Season 10 Map

Fortnite Season 10 Map
Fortnite Season 10 Map

Dusty Depot

The most profound change to the Fortnite map so far remains the resurrection of the popular location Dusty Divot. Once thought to be permanently destroyed by the meteor has been revived back to its former glory… Well, if you don’t count the incoming frozen meteor floating on course to strike once more. Joining Dusty Depot is the Factories that are situated very close by.


While players appear to be happy at the Dusty Depot returning, it’s not all good news. The Meteor that famously destroyed both the above locations sits, frozen in time, on course to repeat history. It’s unclear if the Meteor will become active again in the future, but I for one would not recommend purchasing a home nearby anytime soon.

Loot Lake

The Orb that started all this madness in Season X is still present in Loot Lake, however, looking overly unfriendly. Jumping into the orb acts as a Rift, launching players out of a portal in the sky above. Many objects can be detected floating around the Orb. Kevin 2.0?

Fortnite New Locations Loot Lake Orb
The Orb

Cattus Bones

The remains of Cattus who fell at the hands of Doggus are still present, however, the location has begun to spout attractive flowers and blossoming red trees. The location no longer appears like a Jurassic wasteland. Kinda.

The Return of Moisty Mire?

Paradise Palms’ welcome sign has changed to resemble that of the old Moisty Mire swamp! This can only mean one thing right? To further bolster the chances of Moisty Mire’s return, structures with mighty dark trees bursting out of them can equally be detected currently around Paradise Palms.

Risky Reels

Similarly to Moisty Mire, remnants of Risky Reels have popped up. Just like how Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit did with their food trucks. Situated just east off Sunny Steps you can witness a plain white screen and intriguingly, the old Risky Reels sign. Will this POI also be making an appearance during season 10? I certainly hope so!

Risky Reels Cinema
Small Risky Reels Theatre