Earn rewards every time you level up with Dauntless seasonal items with either the Basic or Elite Track

Dauntless has begun its sixth season High Skies, full of new items, new features, Pirate-theme cosmetics and the new season Hunt Pass: Fortune and Glory.

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With up to 50 levels, players will enjoy earning various seasonal rewards and prizes every time they level up as they progress through their Hunt Pass Track. If players opt-in for Hunt Pass: Fortune and Glory Elite Track, they will have an additional 50 levels as well as offering more premium season rewards.

For the first time in Dauntless, there will be two Hunt Passes available during Dauntless High Skies season 6. Starting with Hunt Pass: Fortune and Glory followed by Hunt Pass: Zephyr Strike straight after.

How much is Hunt Pass: Fortune and Glory?

There are two Tracks for Hunt Pass: Fortune and Glory, a Basic Track and an Elite Track.

Basic Tracks is available for all players of Dauntless and is free. It will provide players with 50 levels and various seasonal rewards at certain milestones.

Elite Track will cost 1,000 Platinum (Dauntless In-game Currency) but it will provide owners with 50 extra levels totalling at 100 levels (including 50 Basic Track levels), exclusive rewards, like weapon skins, cosmetic armour sets, and special seasonal dyes. In addition, players will benefit from two bonus loot rolls plus a 50% boost to Mastery experience!

For players who wish to make a head start with Fortune and Glory Elite Track can purchase the Elite Track Bundle. This high-value bundle is identical to the Elite track but 15 levels have already been completed for you.

Elite Track Bundle is currently on sale for 2,400 Platinum, 40% off from the normal price of 4,000 Platinum.

Hunt Pass: Fortune and Glory End Date

Dauntless High Skies Season 6 Hunt Pass: Fortune and Glory is available from now until 20th of August. As soon as it finishes, the second Hunt Pass of season 6 will be active, Hunt Pass: Zephyr Strike.

Fortune and Glory Elite Track Rewards


Level 1-10 Rewards

Level 11-20 Rewards

Level 21-30 Rewards

Level 31-40 Rewards

Level 41-50 Rewards