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All Supported Mobile Devices That Can Play TFT Mobile

What iPhone can play Teamfight Tactics Mobile?

Check out all the mobile-compatible Android and Apple phones and tablets that support Teamfight Tactics (TFT).

Riot Games recently announced the official release of the closed beta for Teamfight Tactics Mobile. As the mobile version of the original auto-brawler is currently still a work in progress, there’s been no official announcement about the finalized list of supported phones and devices.

Riot seeks to bring TFT to as many mobile-users hands as possible but this will probably be different from region to region. While presumably, we’ll get the more specific list when Riots is close to launching TFT Mobile in March, however, here are Riots’ initial plans.

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TFT Best Comps List

What iPhone and Android Phone Can Play TFT Mobile?

iPhone users can expect support for TFT mobile to begin with the iPhone 6s and newer. Naturally, the game will run more smoothly with newer iPhones but seeing the support go so far back is superb.

Android phones that use OS5 + with a 2 GB RAM and above should “work well,” says Riot. Unfortunately, Razrs and Sidekicks will not be receiving providing any support at this time.

“We want the tablet experience to be awesome, but it needs some more time in the oven if we want it to have that great Riot taste.”

Riot says TFT has been developed to be entirely optimized for mobile devices in a number of ways. The mobile client covers basic social features, as well as a solidly progressed ranked system framework. The game itself will seem like you’re playing the PC version for the most part, but the design has been mostly reworked to make the game “finger-friendly.”

What will be truly fascinating to see is how Teamfight Tactics continues to develop. Riot has already announced that games game systems, gameplay patches, sets and ranking play will all stay the same across platforms.

Nevertheless, mobile gaming habits differ significantly from PCs with mobile gamers playing more often in smaller doses. The average gameplay session is around 15 minutes while Teamfight Tactics ‘ average game is potentially around 30-40 minutes long. Can Riot Games strike a good balance between the two or will they be forced to adapt the mobile game separately?


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