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Apex Legends Grows to 50 Million Player Base Within a Month Should Fortnite Be Worried?

Apex Legends releases some amazing stats in celebration of its successful launch one month ago

Blasting on the scene a month ago was a brand-new Battle Royale, Apex Legends developed by Respawn Entertainment. After 10 million downloads within 72 hours, the game continued to grow. A month later, Apex Legends has grown to over 50 million player base, achieving the milestone much faster than Fortnite did.

Apex Legends

The game combines Overwatches first-person shooter mode and characters ability with Fortnite Battle Royale game mode plus their own unique features.

Apex Legends Bloodhound 50 million Player Base Fortnite
Bloodhound – Apex Legends | Respawn Entertainment

Some of the popular features are Apex Legends ping feature that allows you to communicate without the need for a mic. Players can send a ping to a location or on the map, warning of enemy sightings or let players know you are looting this area and more. They are able to pick from 8 various pings.

Another popular feature is Apex Legends Finishers. Once you have downed a player, you can then execute a finisher eliminating your enemies with style. Kind of reminding me of Mortal Kombat Fatalities where it would perform a cinematic video of unique ways of eliminating their enemies after they have been defeated.

Each Apex Legends classes referred to as Legends all have different and unique finishers. Giving you some hard choices when choosing a Legend. Whatever Legend you pick, I’m confident you will have fun executing their finishers!

With its unique style, you can recognize why Apex Legends has continued to grow in popularity reaching 50 million player count. To celebrate the milestone Apex Legends release some other amazing stats, such as the number of finishers have been used so far, ping sent, ultimates activate, etc.

You can see a list of the stats below.

  • 158 Million Finishers Used
  • 1.23 Billion Ultimate Activated
  • 31 Billion Pings Placed
  • 170 Million Respawns
  • 16.5 Million Deathbox Graveyards Found
  • Too many Mozambique kills to count
  • Not enough care package deaths
  • 3 Grampa triple take no-scope kills

Now the big question, should Fortnite be worried? It would seem Fortnite is a little worried as they gave every player the opportunity to claim a FREE Season 8 Battle Pass. This was only if the player managed to complete at least 13 Overtime challenges. Furthermore, it is widely speculated that Fortnite will be copying Apex Legend successful Ping system feature.

However, looking at the stats from another angle, does Apex Legends have the 50 million player base because of Fortnite? Players may be inquisitive and wanted to experience a different type of Battle Royale game just to glimpse what it is like. Therefore, the influx of volume doesn’t tell the whole story.

We will have to wait and see until the initial hype of a new game has died down. Realm Royale experienced the same hype, not at the level of Apex Legend has been receiving, but the talk of Realm Royale has diminished a lot.

No matter which Battle Royale game you play, both Fortnite and Apex Legend still show signs of growth and would be around for some time.


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