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Apex Legends Players Banned For Using Quit Exploits

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Apex Legends is a perfect game of choice if you have some spare time to burn on a session or two, but delve into the ranked modes of the battle royale and you will discover a totally different atmosphere.

Here dedicated players invest countless hours refining their abilities, stopping at nothing to hit Apex Predator’s pinnacle rank even if it requires hacking to undoubtedly gain an unfair advantage. Apex Legends is, of course, far from the only game to draw such players, but Respawn has failed in the past to keep above its notoriety. Going back to launch earlier this year, the shooter was infested with aimbots and other software to give distasteful types a leg-up on the fierce competition.

Having worn off its unexpected initial popularity and player numbers eased, the issue has calmed enormously, but it is far from being effectively eradicated. Nonetheless, the new hack impacting legitimate players in competitive games involves no more than a few button presses as opposed to a specially designed cheat application.

By closing the game client by force (Alt+F4) in the middle of the game, players miraculously found this leads to “loss forgiveness” preventing any permanent loss of Ranked Points. Therefore, the workaround assists players who think they’re about to lose a match to quit early without any punishment at all. It would seem that Respawn has had it with such blatant abuse and stated via social media that it is now making a stand against heavy exploit offenders.

Hopefully, bans will be given only when a recurring pattern has been identified to amply compensate for unintended closures. If the players involved decided to continue to cheat, the developer says it will no longer refuse to dismiss permanent bans and/or a reversal of Ranked Points. It is a hardline approach that Apex Legend players will be glad to see, but until a permanent fix is made, the issue wouldn’t really be completely fixed.


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