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Apex Legends Ultimate Beginner’s Guide.

Our complete beginner's guide to Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a creative battle royale game by the makers of Titanfall. One that’s stylistically reminiscent of Overwatch merged with Call of Duty.

l2pbomb’s essential tips will help you get caught up with the basics of everything Apex Legends. Our ultimate Apex Legends beginner’s guide has everything you need to know about Apex Legends Characters, best Apex Weapons, and valuable hints and tips.

Apex Legends at its core is fundamentally a battle royale game, and the rules are about the same as any other battle royale in the genre. But, Respawn’s approach to guns, characters and other unique additions like the respawn system give the game plenty to stand out from the competition. Starting out, we recommend taking your time to adequately understand the Legends and the roles they provide.

How to play Apex Legends – The Basics

Initially, you’ll go through a role select process where the picking order is random. The Legends your teammates are thinking about playing will be highlighted, this will help you understand which Legend will best shape your team.

Once in-game one member of the team will become assigned the jumpmaster role randomly. If you are selected as the jumpmaster, you will control the entire squad drop. You can override the jumpmaster and decide to drop alone, however, this is not recommended.

Jumpmaster Guide Apex Legends
Jumpmaster – Apex Legends

Apex Legends Objective

Each match will occupy 20 teams of threes making up 60 players total. The goal is the same as many other battle royale games – Find gear and weapons, follow the circle as it closes and be the last person to survive. Clearly, this is easier said than done. Follow our Apex Legends guide below to understand which Legend is most suitable for you and what weapons will grant you the most success.

Apex Legends Hot Zones

At the start of every match, if you open up your map you’ll notice that one town has a blue ring around it. That blue ring represents the “Hot Zone” which means that the area has high-tier loot and the slim chance of a fully kitted-out weapon drop.

Be warned however, heading for the Hot Zone location is a high risk strategy as naturally many players will have the same idea. Competition for the loot will be high, but once you and your team have the confidence, we definitely recommend trying to boost your start. That being said, try not to run before you can walk!

Apex Legend Hot Zones
Apex Legends Hot Zones

Available Legends

There are currently eight different legends you can choose to play. Next to each legend, you will see a little icon, these will help you swiftly determine what role the legends are used for.

  • Shield – Defensive, a little slower but can take more damage.
  • Plus – Healer or support legends.
  • Ammo – Attacker, the team’s damage dealer.
  • Bloodhound is unique and includes his own icon. Team scout.

Each Legend possesses unique abilities that can fulfill a specific role for the team, so it’s essential to identify with each one and distinguish what they do best for the team. Legends are what separates Apex Legends from other battle royale games, so select them wisely.

All legends maintain three qualities that make them special – a passive, tactical and ultimate ability. Legend’s Passive abilities are predominantly a small perk that will be active all the time. Tactical abilities are ordinarily a special perk that you can use frequently with a low cooldown period. The Ultimate Ability is typically the strongest and most impactful ability but, comes with the longest cooldown.

Here’s a brief overview of them all:


  • Passive: Tracker – Enemies will leave behind clues which can help Bloodhound detect his prey. You can expect to find clues like footprints, empty ammo shells, bleeding and even things like how long ago a door was opened.
  • Tactical: Eye of the Allfather – Activating this ability will reveal enemies, traps, and clues in front of you. The ability has a 35-second cooldown. The ability will send out a pulse and if an enemy is detected they will be revealed to you. However, Eye of the Allfather will not track an enemy, and it will only reveal the location they were when the pulse hit them.
  • Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt – Enhancing your senses Bloodhound will be able to move faster and spot cold tracks. Upon activation, the map will turn black and white, but your clues will be vivid in color helping you easily keep track of the information needed. Beast of the Hunt last 35 seconds and has 180 second charge time.


  • Passive: Gun Shield – Aiming down sight will deploy a gun shield to help block incoming fire. The shield defends the upper part of Gibraltar’s body, which helps against headshots. The Shield is not instantaneous with aiming down sight, there is a half second deploy time.
  • Tactical: Dome of Protection – Using this ability will throw down a dome-shield that can block attacks for 15 seconds. No bullets can enter the dome but also no bullets can escape the dome. Enemies, however, can walk inside the dome-shield.
  • Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment – Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a position you mark with smoke. To utilize the ability, activate your ultimate and launch the smoke grenade in the location you would like the strike to impact. Gibraltar’s ultimate will not hurt your teammates but it will damage you. There’s a two seconds delay for the strike to land and will last eight seconds.


  • Passive: Combat Medic – Revive any knocked down teammates faster while protected by a shield wall. Additionally, healing items you use are 25% faster.
  • Tactical: D.O.C Heal Drone – The Drone Of Compassion (DOC) automatically heals those near it over time. Pressing your ability key you will deploy the healing drone. If you are missing health, it will automatically attach to you. Keep in mind; you can’t move too far from the drone as it will detach and stop the healing.
  • Ultimate: Care Package – Call in a droppod full of high-quality defensive gear. Activating Lifeline’s ultimate will call in a care package at the location you select. After a few seconds, the package will arrive containing three items. Usually, there is at least one valued item but that’s not invariably the case.


  • Passive: Insider Knowledge – Scan a survey beacon to reveal the ring’s next locations. On your map, you will want to look for the beacon icon. After making your way to the beacon’s location, activate and then look at your mini-map. You will now see where the ring next location will be in advance.
  • Tactical: Grappling Hook – Using the Grappling Hook will help maneuver into locations you wouldn’t have been able to naturally. The hook will attach to anything in its path and pull you towards the end location. The Ability has a 15-second cooldown timer and is best used to flank enemies.
  • Ultimate: Zipline gun – Creates a zipline for you and your teammates to use. Pathfinder’s ultimate is on a relatively short cooldown compared to other ultimates. Use the ability to help get out of a sticky situation or to get into the circle faster. You can also alter the direction in which you move on the zipline by jumping and quickly turning around.


  • Passive: Voices from the Void – You hear a voice when danger approaches. As far as you can tell, it’s on your side. When Wraith is not engaged in combat, a voice will alert the player when an enemy is aiming at them. Subsequently, an option to warn your teams appears. The audio is reasonably low, so make sure to pay attention to the visual cues of Voices from the Void.
  • Tactical: Into the Void – Every 20 seconds you can activate Into the Void. While in the void you’ll avoid all damage however, you will leave a trail behind showing enemies your movements.
  • Ultimate: Dimensional Rift – Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds. Press your ultimate key at the location you want portal one to be and then again at another location to place portal two. Once the portals have been placed, you can go back and forth through the portals. This also includes teammates and enemies.


  • Passive: Doubletime – If you take fire whilst sprinting Doubletime will activate and makes you move faster for a brief time. You can exploit this to your advantage when trying to keep up with an enemy but it’s equally useful for fleeing a fight.
  • Tactical: Smoke Launcher – Fire a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact. Two canisters are available at one time that can be launched to create a thick wall of smoke. Note: Players can still shoot while you are aiming the smoke canister.
  • Ultimate: Rolling Thunder – Call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape. To activate this ability, select the location you require the artillery strike to land, after a brief delay the artillery strike will land and stay on the floor. After yet another delay, each projectile will explode. Bangalore’s ultimate is incredibly hard to land due to the long delays between damages.


  • Passive: Nox Vision – Enemies moving through your gas will be visible with a faint outline. Equally, you can spot the DOT damage ticking on them making it even easier to track targets caught in your gas.
  • Tactical: Nox Gas Trap – Place up to six canisters that release lethal Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies. Even though you can place a total of six canisters, you can only carry three at one time. Once deployed you can either shoot the canisters yourself to release the gas or wait for an enemy to trigger the traps.
  • Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade – Cover a significant area in Nox gas. Specify the location to launch the gas and release your ultimate. Caustic’s Ultimate is useful for blocking possible escapes and zoning enemies.


  • Passive: Encore! – Automatically drop a decoy and cloak for five seconds when knocked down. Whenever an opponent depletes your health bar you will get knocked down providing your allies a chance to revive you, with Mirage, however, once you are knocked down you will become invisible and a decoy will be left in your place.
  • Tactical: Psyche Out – Send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy. Point in the direction you want your decoy to go and activate your tactical ability. The decoy will despawn the moment it takes fire.
  • Ultimate: Vanishing Act – Deploys a team of decoys and Mirage becomes cloaked. Use your ultimate when it’s ready and it will send out decoys and loosely cloak you. We say loosely as you’re not fully concealed and players that know what to look for will have no trouble spotting you still.
Apex Legends Characters Guide
Apex Legends Characters

Apex Legends Weapons Overview

Four different types of ammo cover an array of weapons. These are Heavy Rounds, Energy Ammo, Light Rounds and Shotgun Shells. You can spot what ammo your gun uses by looking at your weapon loadout, get accustomed to the four ammo colors to clearly detect the ammo you need. You can possess two weapons in your loadout and while we won’t cover the best loadout combinations in this guide, stay mindful of possible combos when selecting your weapons.

Experiment with guns but most importantly collect as much ammo as you can. In your first couple of games try out as many guns as possible to get used to the type of gun and ammo properties you are comfortable with. Killing players requires a lot of ammo, opponents can be tough and carry many defensive items. Being aware of the amount of ammo you have and actively hunting relevant ammo will help tremendously in the later stage of the game.

What is the best Apex Ammo for me?

Selecting what ammo fits your playstyle can significantly help your choice when it comes to the weapons you are most comfortable using.

  • Heavy Rounds – If you like high precision damage but with a controlled low fire rate, guns that use Heavy Rounds is the choice for you.
  • Energy Ammo – The hardest to find ammo due to having only three guns that can utilize them. Energy Ammo will be suited to players that are looking for something a bit different. We, however, would not recommend a beginner to focus on any of the Energy type weapons.
  • Light Rounds – Looking to fight in mid to close range with a high fire rate? The weapons that use Light Rounds are for you.
  • Shotguns Shells – Players that like to be right up in the enemies face dealing devastating blows will want to make shotguns their choice of weapon.

Best Apex weapon from each category

Weapons in Apex are split into six categories, below you’ll find our pick of the best weapons in each category. Note: This is from my personal experience, what works for me may not work for you.

Assault Rifle

Carbine 301 – Fast and reliable damage especially with attachments. The more attachments you place on the Carbine 301 almost nullifies any recoils making the weapon deadly rapid and accurate.

Sub Machine Gun

Prowler – A burst fire weapon that can be turned into a fully automatic with the use of the Selectfire Receiver attachment. Given the choice between a three fire burst or fully automatic makes the prowler a lot more dynamic and flexible.

Light Machine Gun

Spitfire – Shreds through enemies quickly. Whilst not the most accurate weapon in the game you can place an extended mag to continually burst down teams effectively.


Longbow – Powerful and accurate. The longbow offers a great no distraction sniping experience and can abruptly eliminate threats in an instance.

Note: We believe the .50-cal Sniper to be the most effective weapon in the category in terms of raw damage, however, due to the limited chance of obtaining the weapon, the limited unique heavy ammo and its clunkiness, it only receives a mention.


Peacekeeper – My personal favorite gun, The Peacekeeper is my go to “panic” gun. If I’m suddenly surrounded by a team, I trust no other weapon more than my Peacekeeper shotgun to help me get out of the situation. High damage at close range, reliable aim and reload.

Note: Mastiff, would be the dream shotgun to secure your hands on, however, you can only exclusively obtain one currently by drops.


Wingman – High-powered revolver. The damage output from this tiny gun is insane. Players with an accurate aim will love this pistol, we’re sure it will bag you many highlight-worthy kills.

Apex Item Rarity

Apex Legends has brought in its own rarity color system. This will act as a visual aid to support players with quickly identifying better items to use. In Apex Legends you’ll also notice other visual aids throughout the game for example – When looting a body you will notice some items and ammo have a red circle with a line through it, this indicates you have the item or better already or you don’t own the requirements for the item to be useful.

Items come in four different rarities:

  • Common – Grey
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Gold

How to revive a Teammate in Apex Legends?

When one of your teammates are unfortunately taken to zero health in Apex Legends, they’ll be knocked down. You can then move to their knocked down body and revive them. Sounds familiar right? Well, this is where Apex Legends shows off. If you fail to revive a teammate, they will die. Their body will leave behind a crate on the ground, which you can go ahead and loot any items they were holding. But interestingly you’ll also automatically pick up the fallen player’s banner.

Using the player banner you can bring your teammate back from the grave, however, you will have to hunt for a Respawn Beacon. You can observe what they look like below. Respawn Beacon locations are shown on the map via a small green square.

Respawn Guide Apex Legends
Respawn Beacon – Apex Legends

Once you’ve located a Respawn Beacon, approach and start to revive your teammate. This process will take roughly seven seconds, so make sure you scout the area first. If successful, your teammate will drop back into action from a plane above. Note: A respawned player will spawn with no items or weapons.

Apex Legends Beginners Guide
Apex Legends Beginners Guide

Apex Legends is an amazing game with many tiny nuances that allows it to shine in the battle royale genre. There is so much more to cover within the game, but we’ll save them for another guide. Hopefully, the guide above has provided you with enough information to get the best start to Apex Legends possible.

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