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Aphelios Is Set to Make His Debut on LoL PBE With Unique Mechanics and A Brand-new Custom HUD

Poison-fuelled marksman, Aphelios is ready to showcase his shooting abilities as Riot Games teases users with their new champion trailer.

Users have finally received their first glimpse of League of Legends newest AD Carry Aphelios as Riot Games shares a small snippet of Aphelios Champion trailer. Typically, this generally means the champion is ready to enter LoL PBE server. Where the champion can undergo rigorous testing, ironing out all the bugs and make necessary changes before heading into the live client.

LoL AD Champion Aphelios

Aphelios has a twin sister, Alune who was born during a rare celestial event. Every once in a blue moon, there is a convergence between Runeterra orbiting moon and the spirit realm moon. Magic is bestowed upon those born during this special occasion.

Trying to establish a psychic connection with Alune so she can send him the magic-infused weaponry, Aphelios drinks a bowl full of poison. It fills Aphelios with night’s power and the ability to channel Alune magic, however, the poison tightens his throat, rendering him mute.

Due to Apehlios unique ability in receiving any one of Alune’s magically gifted weapons along with gentle words of encouragements from his sister, it has provided Riot Games for the first time to create a new custom HUD for a champion.

LoL Aphelios Hud
LoL Aphelios Hud

Aphelios is not going to have a passive skill, no (real) W and no E Skills. With fewer skills and the ability to swap weapons makes Aphelios one of the most exciting and unique champions to enter League of Legends to date.

Apehlios Custom Hud Designs
Apehlios Custom Hud Designs

We will soon have more details on Aphelios unique custom HUD and what each of his new weapons provides him as he lands on LoL PBE. It is possible, the champion will make his debut during LoL PBE update today which typically follows once the champion teaser is released. Stay tuned!


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