LoL has released a handful of colorful skins for Kai’Sa, Yasuo and Caitlyn who also receive a Prestige Edition skin

The League of Legends PBE client has been updated to v9.13 as the new champion, Qiyana makes her debut along with several skins. Caitlyn, Kai’Sa, Yasuo and Qiyana are the chosen champions to receive some new and colorful skins. What’s surprising, Kai’Sa receives her fourth skin since LoL Worlds 2018 tournament where some champions have not received a skin in years.

It would appear that Riot Games target popular champions to receive new skins and there is an obvious reason for it. Players are more likely to purchase skins due to the popularity the champion receives. But sometimes it’s just fortunate case of a Pro player having a skin made for them based on a champion they main such as IG Kai’Sa skin. All members of team Invictus Gaming had a skin design for the champion of their choice for when they won the LoL World 2018 Championship. Putting it simply, it’s nothing but business.

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Arcade Kai’Sa Skin

Arcade Kai'Sa Skin Splash Art League Of Legends
Arcade Kai’Sa Skin Splash Art – League Of Legends

The fourth skin of Kai’Sa is similar to VI Neon skin with gold clothing and bright color hair and accents. For the first time, the ADC champion is wearing shorts, along with a crop top with matching thigh high stockings.

Arcade Caitlyn Skin

Arcade Caitlyn Skin Splash Art League Of Legends
Arcade Caitlyn Skin Splash Art – League Of Legends

Caitlyn is also wearing shorts, but instead of a crop top she is wearing a sleeveless top, her militant cap and long socks, You may notice one of her legs, the sock goes right up to the thigh which is the leg she kneels when she uses her ultimate skill. Arcade Caitlyn skin colors are mainly “bubblegum colors” of baby pink, blue and turquoise.

In addition, Caitlyn will receive a Prestige Edition of the Arcade Skin wearing the traditional White and Gold colors associated with Prestige skins.

Battle Boss Yasuo Skin

Battle Boss Yasuo Skin Splash Art League Of Legends
Battle Boss Yasuo Skin Splash Art – League Of Legends

Every arcade game has a boss right? The boss for these collection of Arcade Skins is Battle Boss Yasuo.

Following the same theme as previous Battle Boss skins, Yasuo Battle Boss skin mainly filled with dark purple and bright neon green accents.

To complete the theme is the retro gaming sound effects for every one of Yasuo skills and animations.