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Arclight Brand Shines Its Way Onto The Rift

All new Arclight Brand is now on the rift glowing with golden energy

Arclight Brand has been available on LoL PBE server for a couple of weeks now, ironing out bugs and testing new animations with the skin. Now it is ready for the skin to release to the live version with patch 9.5 that is scheduled in a few hours time.

Arclight Brand

Brand has been bestowed vast divine powers transforming him into Arclight Brand. Changing his body that burns with deadly fire, for an all-new Arclight look that radiates a golden light. Animations, SFX, particles, models and textures have been altered as Brands Ascends to the rift with the power of Arclight. Check out Arclight Brand Skin in action in the video below

With the Arclight filled by pain and rage, Brand unleashes beams of light onto his enemies.

The new skin will cost 1350 RP from the Riot Store or find the skin shard from Hextech Chests. There is also a slim chance be rerolling three skins into a random permanent skin from the Hextech Crafting area.


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