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Ashe: Warmother Second Issue Online [League Of Legends]

Read the next instalment of League Of Legend Ashe: Warmother Second Issue Comic book series

League of Legends has announced that you can read Ashe: Warmother Second issue online right now. It is the next chapter of the four-part series of LoL silver-haired archer, Ashe.

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The Second issue of Ashe: Warmother continues on from the origins story of Ashe upbringing. Ashe, who was raised in the frozen lands of Freljord, follows her mother’s quest to discover the mythical throne of Avarosa.

The second chapter of Ashe: Warmother take them further into hostile territory., but just as they settle down to camp, they are under attack.

“This Journey takes them deep into hostile territory, where their Frost Priest Maalcrom and the Hearthbound ultimately turn Back. Grenam Ashe, and their Bloodsworn brave the punishing climate – but as they make camp to recover strength, enemies attack!”

Odin Austin Shafer

You can read Ashe: Warmother Second Issue here.

The comic book is written by Odin Austin Shafer and published by Marvel.


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