It’s time again to dive into the best starter builds for the new Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest league.

Grinding Gear Games have once again released a brand-new league with unique mechanics and fresh rewards for exiles to aim for. In Path of Exile Harvest, you’ll encounter the new NPC Oshabit, an Azmeri Mystic who requires your help exploring the mysterious powers of the Sacred Grove. Discover Seed Caches in every area to collect valuable seeds and take them to the Sacred Grove to plant. Once grown, Harvest the seeds to slay packs of monsters, stealing their lifeforce which can be used to further improve your garden or unlock special crafting rewards.

Unlike past leagues that practically forced fast builds and rapid gameplay, Harvest league looks to encourage slower builds with a strong focus on two-handed weapons and slam skills. Naturally, fast map clearing builds or insane boss killing builds will nevertheless be top tier, players will at least have a choice this time around… Hopefully.

The best PoE 3.11 Starter builds featured below, will feature proven strong builds that are budget-friendly and capable of completing almost all content the game has to offer. The list will not feature any new skills (excluding Warcry skills) due to the fact they are unproven and may end up being more cost-intensive than originally thought. We’ll be including another guide soon with the Best Path of Exile 3.11 Builds that doesn’t focus on being budget-friendly including new skills introduced in this league.

Best Path Of Exile Harvest Builds
Best Path Of Exile Harvest Builds

Best Path of Exile 3.11 Starter Builds

Frost Blades Berserker

During the Delirium league, Frost Blades had the ideal opportunity to shine. Flexin’ on enemies with its fast map clear and capable boss killing. In PoE Harvest, the typical build will undergo a few changes thanks to the introduction of many new notables added to the skill tree. One of the most obvious inclusions is Tribal Fury which prior to the Harvest league, could only be accessed by anointing. By no longer needing extra projectiles we can safely drop Ancestral Call, freeing up a skill slot for more damage.

Clearing content and early game mapping require very little investment with gearing choices being super flexible. Frost Blade Berserker has immense map clearing capabilities and with the introduction of new and improved Warcries to consider, leveling will be a breeze and you’ll be able to chew through end game content with ease.

Note: Critical Strike multiplier has been reduced and the bonus to dual-wielding’s physical damage has been removed. Neither of these should produce much impact on the overall build.

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Spellslinger VD Necromancer

Renowned for being a remarkably strong skill, Volatile Dead is one of the best PoE 3.11 league starters in the game period. Due to the Spellslinger skill gem introduced the last league, and it’s, in addition, a very smooth playing experience. Triggering a spell once you attack allows the player to bypass the need for cast speed and mana investments while in addition taking advantage of other scaling options via the wand. This PoE 3.11 build is perfect for exiles that like the one-button kill all playstyle.

There are many variations to the popular VD Spellslinger, but the one I’ve chosen is from Ancine which proved to be a starter build powerhouse. The guide will carefully usher you through the leveling process from early game to end the game with optimized leveling skills until level 24 once the build becomes playable.

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Earthquake Juggernaut

Angry Roleplayer’s EQ Jugg build has remained a staple in the community for a long time now, however, there’s not many that opted for the slower harder-hitting playstyle. In Path of Exile Harvest, this playstyle is being actively encouraged with buffs and passives to accommodate. Allowing this league to be the perfect time to pump out some bone-chilling damage.

In 3.11 Harvest the build will still focus on crit even after the nerfs, however, in the early game you may want to path to Resolute Technique until you possess a decent amount of crit. The build is incredibly tanky, employing the use of Endurance charges to allow you to face tank much of the game’s content. While the build is 3.11 ready, I would recommend reading through the forum build thread linked below to see other possible recommendations regarding the use of the new Warcries.

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Enki’s Arc Witch PoE 3.11 Starter Build

I don’t think we’ve ever created a Path of Exile starter build guide without including this build. Enki’s Arc Witch has been one of the best starter builds of all time. Throughout buff and nerfs, this build has stood the test of time and has always come out on top. Arc builds are powerful, reliable, and can be devastating with very little investment at all. This league we equally see the introduction of some very interesting new unique items that offer some exciting potential to the build.

Killing bosses, Wiping out wave after wave of monsters this build has it all. Enki’s Path of Exile 3.11 starter build is incredibly comprehensive and optimized from beginning to end. Everything you’ll require to start off the new league as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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3.11 All Content Miner Starter Build

Traps and Mines maintain a love-hate relationship with many players, but for those that love the playstyle, Mines typically make one of the best starter builds due to their high impact and fast playstyle. Ball Lighting would be the skill of choice with this miner build. The skill itself received some nice buffs, however, reductions were made to slower projectiles, which can be made up by utilizing some extra AoE.

BeerLeague’s build is incredibly versatile and can utilize any mine skills you want. Providing very detailed instructions on how to start the level, which areas to focus, and finally how to optimize the build once you’ve reached the end game and have some currency behind you. That being said, mines are reasonably simple, pick up the mine nodes while focusing on life/es and resistance. Very little investment while remaining extremely powerful and safe.

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Path of Exile 3.11 Starter Build Resources

Every league prolific streamers will release many build guides almost daily which makes them the perfect source to find out information on builds that are performing well in each specific league. Exiles should equally use these as guidelines on how to make currency, for example, when a popular streamer releases a new build, the items for the build generally increase in price for a week or so. Keeping track of the most popular builds in Path of Exile 3.11 enables you to know what items to look out for and in turn produce a good profit. Here are some streamers we recommend you check out.

Lastly for a great resource on what skills are the most popular, what items are worth high currency and more, check out – POEninja