Path of Exile 3.12 Heist League is rapidly approaching, a league in which exiles can contract a team of Rouges to assist in a grand Heist! Creep into the Vault unseen and escape with the riches. Be warned, the guards will not let you leave without a fight! There are may reasons Exiles will want to have a solid build going into this league, experimental alternative Uniques, skill gems, contracts, and blueprints to unlock!

Choosing a league starter usually makes the difference between enjoying the new league or giving up in frustration. A good start sets the stage for a successful League. The best PoE 3.12 Starter builds featured below, will feature proven strong builds that are budget-friendly and capable of completing almost all content the game has to offer. The list will not feature any new skills due to the fact they are unproven and may end up being more cost-intensive than originally thought. We’ll be including another guide soon with the Best Path of Exile 3.12 Builds that doesn’t focus on being budget-friendly including new skills introduced in this league.

What is a POE League Starter Build?

A league starter build must cover many specific criteria to be successful. League starter’s purpose is to get you through the game’s content as fast and smoothly as possible. Once an exile reaches end-game content, a good PoE Heist League starter should be able to transition well to become a strong end-game build by acquiring better gear. Ideally, the transition should require minimal passive points re-speccing.

Since every league you’ll start with absolutely nothing, no items, and no gems, a good league starter should be able to reach maps with self-found gear and other cheap items. Most builds will include high and expensive end game gear, however, these items should min-max the build and not define them.

While most PoE Heist Starter Builds should be capable of bossing, the main objective is to be efficient in – Clear speed, bossing, and mobility. Usually, they are a jack of all trades master of none (Typically). None of the builds will feature any new abilities or items. These are currently unproven and thus can’t be a reliable league starter.

Best Starter Builds PoE Heist 3.12

Cyclone Champion

Pros: Incredible mobility | Excellent clear speed | High damage.

Overview: While there are many variations of Cyclone builds, this one requires only a Two-handed Sword with decent Physical damage to spin your way through the entire game. Killing enemies while moving maximizes damage output while offering many defensive perks. Cyclone is not fully gear dependent and so exiles can concentrate on capping resistances to breeze through each act. Additionally, exiles can continue to destroy nearly all of the game’s content with little investment in the end-game.

Path of Building

Enki’s Arc Witch

Pros: Superb Clear Speed | Versatile | Intuitive Playstyle
Cons: Adequate Boss Killer

Overview: One of the most beginner-friendly builds out there. In fact, Arc builds have been a real staple of many league starter builds for years. You’ll cruise through the Acts and Atlas with ease, thanks to Arc’s intuitive play style. When leveling you can use any staff, sceptre, or wand that carries spell damage and cast speed, making Arc very accessible at all stages. Enki’s Arc guide has gone through many iterations and is absolutely perfect for new and experienced players alike.

The build requires very little investment and can also provide the perfect gateway to trying out some of the new skills introduced into PoE 3.12 Heist. Many of the new skills are Intelligence-based, so Witch is not a bad place to start!

View Arc PoE 3.12 Starter Build

Remi’s Toxic Rain Pathfinder

Pros: Incredibly fast-paced | Excellent clear speed | Large AoE | Can run almost all map mods

Overview: Most of the Toxic Rain Heist League Starter Build’s efficiency comes from gems and passive tree rather than gear. Making it perfect for the first couple days of the new league. Find yourself a decent bow with nice attack speed, then focus on your defenses. Very simple. The build can run all map mods, which gives this build a huge advantage over others by not needing to use currency re-rolling undesirable mods. Once you reach mid-tier maps, you’ll then need to start investing some currency into the build to ramp it up a gear.

Remi’s Toxic Rain Pathfinder build perfectly breaks down all fundamentals of the build, providing many gear alternatives to suit any budget. You’ll also find an informative leveling section that will guide you fully through the early levels!

View Toxic Rain PoE Heist Starter Build

Ultimate EDTrickster

Pros: Fast Clear Speed | Solid Boss Killer | Reliable League Starter

Overview: A tried and trusted build for many exiles each league, ED Trickster just has it all. Combining the strong ascendancy of Trickster and a solid passive tree, this build guide provides you the power to replicate its strengths with ease. Player’s won’t need to get that lucky drop or farm any special unique items to get the build-up and running. Like always, this PoE 3.12 Heist League build will be one of the strongest league starters, enabling you to get an early head start on currency farming!

View ED Trickster Best 3.12 League Starter Build

ShakCentral’s Vortex For Dummies

Pros: Tanky | Strong Boss Killer | Multiple Variants

Overview: The guide we’ve selected today is super clear and informative, so even if you’ve never played a cold or DoT ability before, you can easily follow along. What’s even better is there are multiple versions for you to choose from depending on which is better suited. If you are looking for a Heist build that can guide you through the game beginning to end, this is the perfect one for you.

Vortex scales fantastically into the late game, but gear can become quite expensive when min-maxing. It’s highly recommended to craft your own gear to save on currency once you start exploring deeper into the Atlas.

View Vortex PoE Heist Starter Build