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Discover the best Path of Exile 3.9 Starter Builds Metamorph

Path of Exile 3.8 Blight league has arrived. The tower defense, summoner focused league will undoubtedly bring about a new style of play for plenty exiles. Many new skills have been introduced with a fierce emphasis on how summoned minions interact and function. Our selected PoE Blight builds will give you plenty of options to ensure the best start to the new league.

Over the coming days, we will release the Top Ten Path of Exile Blight builds that are currently dominating the new league, however, this PoE build guide will focus purely on strong budget-friendly builds that, can be used as league starters. Keep in mind, while some builds are more powerful than others. It’s important to pick one that you’ll enjoy playing else burnout will occur rather quickly!

Best Path of Exile Blight Starter Builds

As previously mentioned, PoE 3.8 Blight receives a significant focus on summoners, as such, we’ll start with some of the best summoner build league starters for Blight.

Best Blight Summoner Builds

[3.8] SPECTRE SUMMONER Necromancer Build. Best League Starter

Selecting a dependable build for a new league is vital in reaching end game content easily. Prolific PoE builder Angry_Roleplayer’s 3.8 Blight Spectre Summoner build is not only dependable but also offers players safety and damage all on a beginners budget! Utilizing Spectres that now scale with gem level as opposed to corpse level, Exiles can clear maps at high speed even as the content gets harder. This change also eliminates the frustration many players had by no longer needing to enter high-level content to spawn a strong summon.

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[3.8] Speaker for the Dead

If you’re looking for the most diverse summoner build for PoE Blight then look no further. This fantastic build makes use of six different minion gems: Raise Spectre, Summon Phantasm Support, Herald of Agony, Raise Zombie, Summon Skeleton, and Summon Holy Relic. This glorious concoction paired with selected Spectre spawns can freeze, blind, Maim, poison and much more! This build provides many options depending on your personal budget with clearly presented checkpoints throughout leveling.

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[3.8] SKELEMANCER (Skeletons Summoner)

Another build by Angry_Roleplayer and is in some ways a variant version to the Spectre Summoner build. This build, however, makes good use of the improved summoner Skeletons skill gem. While Summon Skeletons are more physically taxing to play than other minion skill gems, they do not require corpses. Exiles can summon 11-13 Skeletons to defeat your foes, while maneuvering around the map efficiently with Shield Charge. Clear speed with summon Skeletons is on the slowers side in comparison to other minion types.

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Best PoE 3.8 Melee Builds

[3.8] Level with FLICKER STRIKE

Usually dubbed as a skill that requires end game levels to become useful, Flicker Strike has received a gracious quality of life change by gaining 15% chance to gain frenzy charges on hit. The skill can currently be used viably at level 28 making this particular build/guide perfect for a Path of Exile Blight League Starter.

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[3.8] Dreamfeather Machine Champion/Gladiator Build

Designed around the Dreamfeather unique sword and the skill gem Lacerate (Gladiator), the Dreamfeather Machine can clear all content the game has to offer. Don’t let the reliance on a high-level sword put you off trying this build as a league starter, as Loczek provides budget alternatives as your character levels. Bleed explode your enemies while laughing in their faces as they fail to hit you thanks to the stacking of Evasion!

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[3.8] Fivers Frostblades Raider

GGG’s fantastic melee rework in PoE Legion has kept skills like Frostblades in a remarkably strong place. With the ability to clear maps fast and slice through bosses, this build is great for all leveling stages. To min/max this build you’ll need a substantial investment of currency, however, a limited budget will still get the build rolling. The rest you can improve over time.

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Best PoE Ranged Builds

[3.8] Demi’s Infinite Tinkerer, the Lightning Trap Saboteur

Making the list for Best PoE Starter builds once again is Demi’s Infinite Tinkerer. The build has proven to be a great league starter for many expansions now and will continue to achieve great things throughout PoE Blight. The extraordinary aspect of this build is how versatile it is. You can replace Lightning Trap with literally any other skill and you will still get impressive performance. It will be fascinating to see how much Summon Skitterbots will improve this build.

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[3.8] Dragon’s Breath Elementalist – Incinerate

There’s nothing I love more than witnessing someone go against the grain, picking up an underused skill gem and inspiring something powerful! Torstein achieves this perfectly with Incinerate. You cannot face tank everything with this build, but thanks to the new movement skills and PoE animation canceling, manual dodging is far easier. Using this build, you’ll be able to smash all content with great clear speed due to the massive AoE from Incinerate.

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[3.8] Champion Impale TS/Barrage

Fans of bow weaponry will love this Barrage Duelist. Boosting super fast clear speed, stun immunity and impressive single target damage for bosses. Once again, min-maxing this build can become expensive but is still very strong on budget gear. The bow of choice for this build is Arborix, which you can also improve greatly by adding quality to the weapon.

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I’ll update this guide soon to include starter build that features some of the skills effected by the Blight changes like Poison and Mines. I’ve also left out new skills like Cobra Lash and Venom Gyre until they have been tested before recommending them as league starters.

I hope you found our Best Path of Exile Blight Starter Builds useful, if so, please share with your friends. If you have any questions, leave a message below.