Path of Exile 3.9 Metamorph Guides

GGG’s announcement of the Metamorph league and what we should expect made it abundantly clear that this league was going to be focused on killing jacked-up bosses. Creating a Metamorph from collected body parts that all contribute to its unique form changing and skillset fixes players up with some spicy situations. Our Best Path of Exile Boss Killer Metamorph guide have been carefully selected to include five amazingly strong fast boss killing builds.

Selecting the right 3.9 builds for your playstyle is the most important process when starting a new league. By securing a strong foundation to build from makes reaching end game content that much smoother. In PoE’s latest patch bosses have been enhanced with more health and armour, as such we will be selecting builds that can shred through bosses health so that you can gain the most rewards as fast as possible.

Note: Not all the builds on this list will be beginner-friendly and are unsuitable for starter builds. Navigate to our Best Path of Exile Metamorph Starter Builds 3.9 guide if you’re looking for something to start the new league with.

PoE 3.9 Best Boss Killing Builds

SPECTRE SUMMONER (2019 Edition) Necromancer Build

Coming off the heels of the Blight league, summoners are still in a fantastic spot. After the extensive rework in the previous league, zombies received a slight nerf coming into Metamorph. Angry_Roleplayer’s summoner build, however, utilizes Spectres and Skeletons which are still extremely strong at bossing. The build does a great job of running through multiple skill setup for each situation from 5L, Mapping and appropriately Boss Killing.

The playstyle of the Spectre Summoner builds is brilliantly simple, Raise spectres that will mindlessly wreck everything around you while you zoom around shield charging. Skeletons will be deployed to blind, taunt and generally p**s off the boss in question.

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Essence Drain & Contagion (or Bane/Soulrend) Trickster 3.9 Metamorph

ED and Contagion have been an enormously popular build for many leagues now thanks to its unrivalled map clear speed and boss killing abilities. Proving to be a sincere powerhouse, popular Exile Ghazzy created a fantastic build guide that has amassed many followers and rightly so. The build carefully outlines each stage of the game offering great insightful hint and tips for gearing to maximize damage and survivability.

Essence Drain and Contagion offers crazy high exp/h gains and can be played as a great starter build. To get the most out of boss killing you will need to invest heavily to min/max but it’s not fully required for most content in the game.

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Flame Golem 101 – Complete Guide To Golemancy

My personal go-to build when wanting to play something in which I don’t need the reflexes of a ninja. Mindless farming… Perfect! Many Golemancer variants can be used for boss killing, in fact, bamper1 Ice Golem Golemancer build is superior at demolishing bosses and can be found here. I’ve chosen the Flame Golems for this guide, however, due to offering a more complete package of hybrid farming maps and bosses.

Offering two distinctive versions of the build either Occultist or Elementalist, Flame Golems 101 can reach up to 10k EHP and a super high block chance with almost all defences automated.

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Windz’s Generic Miner Sabo 3.9 Metamorph Arc/Pyroclast

Mines have received many QoL changes recently which has seen them surge past trappers in terms of effectiveness. Their generally safe playstyle helps alleviate the pressures of bossing, the playstyle, however, is not for everyone. Windz build focuses on the newly buffed Arc and Pyroclast for bosses with exact outlines on which skills to use and when to transition.

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Vortex Cold Snap DoT 3.9 Metamorph

Another PoE Boss killing build by Ghazzy. Vortex is remarkably efficient at killing bosses and can scale insanely well into the endgame. This particular build by Ghazzy utilizes Chaos Inoculation, which will set your HP to one, but you’ll become immune to all sources of chaos damage (including poison). One potential drawback that may put some of you off this build as a league starter is that you will not level with the Vortex skill gem. As a substitute, you will slowly transition over to the final setup once your build allows it.

Exiles will instead level with any skill they see fit although Ghazzy recommends Ball Lighting. Once you are able to pick up CI from the skill tree then you’ll be able to initiate your transition over to the movement crippling, boss exploding machine that is Vortex. There are some particular nuances that you’ll need to pay attention to with this build like the 3l trigger weapon.

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