PoE latest Legion Expansion underwent a complete Melee rework shifting the meta to various melee builds. But which skills have become OP?

Most Melee skills enthusiastically received substantial buffs and quality of life changes which means they are now admirably suited for all stages of the game and more importantly all content! Our Best Path of Exile Melee builds will showcase a diverse range of melee builds that are undoubtedly proven powerhouses. While we will attempt to carefully keep the chosen builds as budget-friendly as possible, this won’t always be the case. After all, our selected builds are invariably chosen for being top tier.

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[3.7] 1H-Impale Cyclone Champion/Slayer

An obvious pick but with good reason. Cyclone was no slouch before the melee rework, so it stands to reason that the skill is respectively now one of the strongest melee skills. What makes me excited for Cyclone is the sheer number of diverse variations that players are enjoying enormous success with. From Bleed Cyclone, Crit Cyclone, RT Cyclone and even Cast on Crit Cyclone. The build we are recommending is the Impale Variant.

Why Impale in PoE Legion?

Not only did a needed majority of melee skills receive a buff, so did the skill tree and ascendancies. All bolstering Impale’s creative ability, naturally making it a great damage buffer with many melee skills.

Szynima’s build comes with two different ascendency versions and two style variants – DPS and Tanky. All builds can clear content with remarkable ease with almost no essential need for any unique items. The Slayer version can run all map except no leech which you shouldn’t encounter very often. Check out the build video below.

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Credits – Szynima

[3.7] Hank the Tank- The Manliest Man Cleave & Bladestorm

A true man grabs his fate by the tails and shapes it the way he wants.

Tried and trusted, Hank the Tank is a pure physical damage based build that’s completely beginners friendly. The low-budget version is more than capable to carry you through most content with ease and once you’ve amassed some valuable currency you can push the build to the extreme!


Multiple melee skills can be used efficiently as the primary source of damage, although the main focus is with the skill gem Cleave. You’ll additionally be taking the Champion Ascendency to modestly increase impale stacks from 5 to 7 and to add a bunch of bonus physical damage. The manliest man likes to stack armour to mitigate incoming damage while retaliating with his own mighty blows.

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[3.7] Rake’s Tectonic Slam [Chieftain]

Another Melee skill that traditionally saw some success pre-rework. This particular Tectonic Slam build efficiently utilizes the Chieftain Ascendency for endurance charges as extra defenses. Rake7’s comprehensive guide accompanies you through each appropriate step of the leveling process to ensure you transition into endgame content smoothly.

Tectonic slam’s exceptional ability to clear large packs quickly with its large AoE allows this build to shine in both map clear speed and Legion encounters. Additionally, players can employ this build with next to zero currency and multiple gear options that are detailed in full.

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[3.7][Super Heavy Heavy Strike] Starforge HS Juggernaut

Looking for a build that hits hard and fast? Look no further. ZaeN’s Heavy Strike build has adequate defenses, impressive AoE and tremendous damage. The build is great for mapping and bossing, however, the build does require the 2H Starforge weapon which can be expensive if you have no possible way of farming the weapon yourself. Currently, the weapon costs around 4-8 Exalted in PoE Legion. Naturally, the build is not beginner friendly nor budget friendly.

Other viable weapon choices are available, but Starforge’s ability to achieve physical damage shock is what brings the heat to this particular build. Stacking tons of double damage procs with significant critical strikes that shock, ZaeN’s Heavy Strike is undoubtedly a fantastic build to play during the Legion Expansion.

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[3.7] Hybrid’s Berserker *Insert Melee Skill Here*

Finally, we have a suitable build for nearly any melee skill in the game. This is the perfect build to encourage you back into playing melee in Path of Exile. No matter the skill, you’ll dish out crazy damage with insane attack speed. The welcomed bonus? If you dislike or get bored with your chosen melee skill, just switch it out for another skill.

I heartily recommend you try this build out if none of the other builds appeal to you or if you’re still undecided on which skill you want to use. Not only will it allow you to test out what works for you, but it can, in addition, be used as an excellent starting point in creating your own build.

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Please note, due to Melee builds becoming extremely popular in PoE 3.7 Legion, the cost of most builds have increased because of the high demand for commonly used items. I would advise you to check out the build’s recommended items in poe.trade first to get a more accurate cost of the build.

I hope you’re able to find something suitable from our Best Path of Exile Melee Builds, If so please consider sharing with your friends. If you have any questions, drop a comment below!