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Too many items filling up your screen? Grab yourself a Path of Exile 3.9 Loot Filter for the Metamorph League.

Path of Exile boasts a rich and varied collection of items and is one of the numerous factors as to why the game is so unique and personalized. The RPG Hack and Slash exhibit large packs of monsters dropping items in Normal, Magic, Rare and Unique rarities. Most items that drop are either trash items or not suitable for our build, which is why we strongly recommend using a Loot Filter in PoE 3.9.

Discover the Best Boss Killer Builds For PoE 3.9 Metamorph

Due to the overwhelming majority of useless items that fall from the increasing pack size of monsters, it is vital to use Loot Filters while playing PoE. The primary goal of a Loot Filter is to be customizable so that it can perfectly fit in with whatever build you choose. This includes game type, for example, if you’re racing then you will want a different Loot Filter setup up compared to soft or hardcore. You may even need an exclusively designed 3.9 Loot Filter for a certain class or weapon type. The main reason behind having a good Loot Filter is to remove all the random junk from your screen, so you can quickly see optimal items.


Filters enable you to customize the display of loot labels, text size, text color, and even the effect of dropping sounds. Filters will additionally allow you, as the name indicates, to totally conceal the loot labels you are not interested in. This makes your game clutter-free and far easier to determine good loot drops. Holding down (default) Alt key will still show you all loot that has dropped.

With so much loot dropping in Path of Exile the addition of loot filters can make sorting through loot drops much faster by only showing you the relevant drops. The drawback to using a custom filter is that it can be time-consuming finding one that accommodates you. PoE exhibits so much diversity that each player’s needs can differ massively from the next. Further on you’ll find our picks for the best Path of Exile Loot Filters 3.9 Metamorph league.


The first step to installing a Loot Filter it to essentially uncover one that matches your needs. Once you’ve found the appropriate filter for you, it may come in a variety of formats. Some loot filters will come in text form, which you’ll have to copy the text and create the filter file yourself. Others will be a single download with the filter file created for you. Here’s how you can install PoE Loot Filters in both formats.

Manual Filters:

These loot filters typically come from websites like Pastebin and require you to create the filter file manually. To do so follow these simple steps:

  • Highlight and copy the complete text of the loot filter.
  • Navigate to Documents/My Games/Path of Exile.
  • Right-click and select New>Text Document.
  • Name the text file anything you would like, however, the extension must be .filter not .txt.
  • Open the filter with notepad or another text editing software and copy the complete loot filter text.
  • Save.
  • Open Path of Exile options in-game and navigate to the UI tab. Scroll to the bottom until you see List of Item Filters.
  • Select your new filter and save.

Complete Filters.

Some filters will not require you to create anything, and all of the hard work is already done. All that’s required is to download and place the filter into your Path of Exile folder.

  • Download Loot Filter.
  • Copy Loot Filter to your Documents/My Games/Path of Exile Folder.
  • Open Path of Exile options in-game and navigate to the UI tab. Scroll to the bottom until you see “List of Item Filters.”
  • Select your new filter and save.

Note: If you can’t find the correct PoE folder to place your loot filter, navigate to Path of Exile Settings in-game and select the UI tab. Scroll down to the bottom and click the “show folder” button.

PoE Loot Filter default folder. 3.6 Synthesis
PoE Loot Filter default folder options.


NeverSink’s LOOTFILTER v7.5.0

The most frequently used PoE filter remains to be Neversink’s. It is highly versatile and provides powerful visuals to differentiate generic loot from excellent loot. Designed to be as flexible as possible, Neversink provides presets from Soft to Uber-Strict that players can choose from. Naturally, more items with a lower value will be shown in the soft filter setting, which is perfect for fresh players or characters of low level who still need to farm equipment. Uber-Strict is on the other end of the spectrum, filtering out all the low-value items, this is advised to be used in end game scenarios.

Download NeverSink’s Loot Filter for PoE 3.9

You can customize the PoE Metamorph 3.9 Loot Filter through the FilterBlade Website.

StupidFatHobbit’s Filter: From Racing to 100 – Metamorph 3.9.0

RaizQT endorsed, the loot filter of StupidFatHobbit was intended mainly for races, but can also be adapted for hardcore mapping and end game content. The primary attraction of this filter is the different stages the Loot Filter goes through automatically as you race. Automatically switching as you pass through leveling, mapping, and endgame. The beauty with this race-inspired loot filter is that you can use it from level 1-100 without any modifications along the way.

Download StupidFatHonnit’s Loot Filter

One Filter to Rule Them All 4.3.0 Metamorph

Are you looking for a one size fits all loot filter? Then Muldini’s one filter to rule them all is perfect for you. Designed to be flexible in each scenario, whether you’ll be racing, SSF or even Hardcore. Using default colors as much as possible, the Loot Filter will perfectly adapt as you level all the way into the end game. As you level you’ll start to see fewer items changing based on the zone level.

Download One Filter to Rule Them All

Spirit Item Filter – SSF+Leveling+Crafting+Endgame: v1.13a – Metamorph

A diamond in the rough, Spirit 3.9 item filter is not as well known as the other filters but by no means does this reflect how well this filter performs. Featuring intelligent junk hiding that will kick in the moment you reach Brutus and will continue to filter more as you level. You can filter more specific item bases and item levels with a single click toggled in Filterblast. Race-specific item highlighting, special bases and recipe highlighting can all be configured within this carefully designed loot filter.

Download Spirit Item Filter 3.9 Metamorph

Greengroove’s Loot Filter Scripts v3.9.0 – Metamorph

My personal favorite filter, Greengroove’s comes with a choice of five distinctive options–Leveling, Caster, Endgame, Racing, and Magic Find. The filter from Greengroove leans towards the more efficient user, with modified choices accessible via Filterblast. Surprisingly, for all drops that matter, this loot filter comes with unique audio signals. Coming with five distinct styles presets, the PoE Loot Filter from Greengroove is ideal for all phases of the game.

Download Greengroove’s Path of Exile 3.9 Metamorph Loot Filter