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Path of Exile’s new body-snatching Metamorph league and Conquerors of the Atlas expansion is almost upon us. Tasked with gathering body parts from various fallen monsters players will have the opportunity to create and face off against a Metamorph. Each created Metamorph will take modified forms and demonstrate different skills based on the body parts used to create the morph. Defeating the Metamorph will grant you a variety of rewards and bonuses. With that in mind, let’s take a look at which PoE 3.9 builds will be best at tackling this new league mechanic.

Discover the Best Boss Killer Builds For Path Of Exile 3.9 Metamorph

Similarly to our previous starter build guides, new skill gems that have been introduced in the Metamorph league will not be featured in the list below due to the uncertainty on how they will perform. They may, however, find their way onto our future Best 3.9 Metamorph Builds guide at a later date.

In POE 3.9 a significant focus has been placed on new endgame content, stunning new visuals, and many Atlas changes. Naturally, each new expansion fans have traditionally come to expect specific changes to core mechanics, whether it’s to Melee, spellcasting or as we’ve seen in the current Blight league, Summoners. This time around bows and Ranged Attack Totems will be receiving a comprehensive overhaul.

PoE Metamorph will be one of the hardest leagues to build for in terms of having the freedom to explore and enjoy all aspects of the game. Ordinarily, players will focus builds that fit a given playstyle, either boss killing or map clearing. This league player will need to utilize a build that can clear maps fast to obtain body parts, equally, their builds will need to be efficient boss killers to be able to kill spawned Metamorphs for the juicy rewards.

Best Path of Exile 3.9 Metamorph Builds

Path Of Exile 3.9 Metamorph League
Path Of Exile 3.9 Metamorph League

Enki’s 3.9 Arc Elementalist

An exceptionally popular Path fo Exile Starter build for many leagues now even throughout the Arc nerfs, however, in PoE 3.9 Metamorph we finally see some love given back to Arc. While the skill remains a shadow of its former post nerf self, the skill will see its chain range increased from 25 to 35. What makes Enki’s Arc build perfect is the ease of use for new players and how great the build works on such a limited budget. As an Elementalist, players will benefit from leech, bonus shock debuffs and become immune to elemental reflect.

Rare gear is all this build needs to push you through all content the game has to offer, however, if the budget allows there are many suitable upgrade paths that players can take to really min/max this potent Arc build.

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Storm burst Trickster [Esoro]

An extremely well-rounded build that places you in control of every given situation. Scatter Storm Burst to clear packs extremely fast or focus fire to dish out some serious boss damage. This variation has over 8,000 effective life and consistently leeches both life and energy shield. More impressively, the build bolsters its defenses with stun immunity, high evade and high block chance. Player’s defense is super important for Storm Burst due to its channeling nature, needing to stand still to deal damage will make for some sticky situations for the unprepared.

Picking up the skill gem from level 12, players can start to level using Storm burst immediately. To a greater extent, the build will perform admirably on a low budget using just rare items. In addition, many of the new support gem plus introduced in PoE 3.9 Metamorph work perfectly within this build. In a league that’s begging for hybrid builds that can clear maps and bosses efficiently, Storm Burst will undoubtedly be a perfect 3.9 league starter build.

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Storm Brand Inquisitor [Thi3n]

Looking for a hyper-fast play style that can not only slices through packs but can also mindlessly corrode down bosses? Well, look no further. Played as the Inquisitor, this allows for all kinds of critical scaling in addition to bonus cast and attack speed. Most importantly for this league notably, Inquisitor’s Inevitable Judgement allows for critical strikes to ignore elemental resistances. Keep in mind, bosses in PoE 3.9 have been buffed making this particular setup that much sweeter to play.

The progression of Storm Brand feels incredibly rewarding to play as you’ll unlock more and more Brands the later into the game you dive. Providing your critical chance is high enough to maximize the effectiveness of the ascendency, this build could be one of the top performers in the Metamorph league.

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Cold Vortex [Ghazzy]

Vortex should represent an extremely effective skill choice for Path of Exile 3.9 builds. The skill is highly efficient at killing bosses and can scale insanely well into the endgame. This particular build by Ghazzy utilizes Chaos Inoculation, which will set your HP to 1 but you’ll become immune to all sources of chaos damage (including poison). One potential drawback that may put some of you off this build as a league starter is that you will not level with the Vortex skill gem. As a substitute, you will slowly transition over to the final setup once your build allows it.

Exiles will instead level with any skill they see fit although Ghazzy recommends Ball Lighting. Once you are able to pick up CI from the skill tree then you’ll be able to start your transition over to the movement crippling, boss exploding machine that is Vortex. There are some particular nuances that you’ll need to pay attention to with this build like the 3l trigger weapon.

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Scourge Arrow Poison Pathfinder

Allow me to start off by saying I was hesitant to include any bow builds in this best PoE starter Builds For Metamorph guide. This is because, in my opinion, many builds focus around a limited number of unique items that I suspect will cost an arm and leg in this new bow driven league. However, Scourge Arrow is one of those skills that is utterly perfect for the Metamorph league. Decent clear speed and fantastic boss damage with little investment. Yes, the skill was nerfed coming into 3.9 but it still remains as one of the best bow skills to use for both maps and bosses.

In thedeathbeam’s beautifully written build, you’ll want to start out leveling with Toxic Rain and then transition to Scourge Arrow after you possess the levels to do so. The build is capable of clearing all content, however, if you have never played with Scourge arrow before it can take some getting used to. Unlike high explosive builds, enemies take a little while to die, as a result, significant defenses are vital.

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