Blizzard has given the Overwatch Playerbase an official warning not to use services like Visor or Pursuit. Doing so could jeopardize your account with a permanent ban.

Blizzard‘s community manager Tom Powers stated in a forum post “To provide more clarity, any third-party application that impedes on the competitive integrity in Overwatch is not allowed. For example, a third-party application that offers users information such as enemy position, enemy health, enemy ability usage, or Ultimate readiness creates an uneven playing field for every other player in the map.”

Visor third-party application banned from Overwatch

Blizzard then continued to reinforce these words by emailing players who had used the services of Visor or Pursuit. The email left no doubt that Blizzard does not tolerate such apps. Claiming that the players who currently use third-party services accounts are safe, however, continuing to use such applications will lead to action against your account.

Visor and Pursuit both offer statical game analysis to give the user valuable information to help them perform better. The core differences are Visor offers live statistical feedback throughout the game. Tracking things like enemy team ultimate cooldowns and offering tips as you play. Pursuit, meanwhile, tracks your stats during the game and later present feedback once the game is over.

The news about these third-party apps has placed the community into a frenzy with many users of Visor or Pursuit beliving the reinforced stance to be unjust.

Both Visor and Pursuit claim that Blizzard’s announcement had caught them off guard, but go on to state that they’ve reached out to Blizzard. No doubt seeking to recover some kind of resolution.

Blizzard has left Pursuit in the worst position out of the 2 well known third-party apps. Currently, Sponsoring many OWL teams, Blizzard’s tough stance has left Pursuit and Blizzard‘s partnership under strain.