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Break the Unit Cap in LoL Teamfight Tactics

Game breaking bug that lets you place an extra champion every turn

The hugely popular game mode, Teamfight Tactics has been released to the live client just over two weeks now. Although it had its fair share of server problems, Riot Games have managed to stabilize the servers so everyone can enjoy playing TFT without major issues or delays.

However, there are times where Riot Games will disable or add restrictions to LoL Practice mode or Custom Matches to help release some bandwidth and resources to cope with increased traffic.

Due to how in demand TFT is, can only mean good news for Riot Games. The team can continue spending time an effort expanding the game mode with the understanding it already going to be successful. Unlike the failed Blitz game mode that was supposed to be a permanent game mode but failed to live up to everyone expectations.

Teamfight Tactics on League of Legends PBE server is a whole different experience. Yes, there are bugs which are expected on a Public Beta Environment as new features and changes are constantly made. However, there is a game-breaking bug that almost ensures you to win practically every time.

It’s all about the Spatula!

It must do something… is what it says on the Spatula description. Although the Spatula currently adds no value or advantage just on its own, it can be combined with another item to make an extremely valuable item. It can make one of your team champions become Demon, Sorcerer, etc. depending what item you use to combine the Spatula with.

View – All Item Combinations

The game-breaking bug is exploited when you combine a Spatula with another Spatula which creates the Force of Nature Item. The newly forge item allows you to place another unit onto the field as the Wearer does not count against the unit cap.

After winning or losing your fight, the next stage you will notice the unit cap is increased by one. Yes, that right, due to a game-breaking bug with Force of Nature it breaks the unit cap. It will keep on increasing after every fight. Scarra, a professional LoL player streamed to his fans where they witness him having 16 champions on the TFT board at one time.

Skip to 17:56 to see where Scarra picks up a second Spatula and breaks the unit cap.

Luckily, the game-breaking bug is only available on PBE and will most likely be patched tonight during routine maintenance and updates.


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