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Brock And Misty Skin Customizations In Pokemon Go

Check Out Kanto Region Gym Leaders Skins

Niantic adds new gym leader customisations so you can look like Brock Or Misty that are available in the Style Shop.

Celebrating the success of Pokemon Let’s Go, newly released game for the Nintendo Switch, Niantic has added some styling customisations for your character. Brock And Misty skin customisations are now in Pokémon Go. These can be purchased in the Style Shop within the game.

Fans of the original Pokemon games will be familiar with Brock and Misty skin customisations as these characters were first introduced in the very first Pokemon game. Both characters are from the Kanto region and were gym leaders within the game.

Brock was the gym leader of the Pokemon gym in Pewter City where he specializes in Rock-Type Pokemon. If you managed to defeat Brock, you would be rewarded the Boulder Badge. Misty specializes with Water-Type Pokémon and was the Gym Leader of Cerulean City’s gym. The Cascade Badge was rewarded if you were successful in defeating Misty.

Now you can relive your childhood by dressing up as Brock and Misty in Pokemon Go

This is a very brilliant way to capture attention from old and new players. As Brock and Misty make a reappearance in the new release Pokémon Let’s Go game.

Brock and Misty skins

Brock And Misty Skin Customizations In Pokemon Go Brock And Misty Skins
Brock And Misty Skins – Niantic | Pokemon Go

Both Kanto region gym leaders skin customisations can be purchased with in-game currency, PokéCoins. You can generate PokeCoin by successfully defending your current gyms within Pokemon Go. But If you are unwillingly to wait, you can purchase PokéCoin with real money that can be added to your account shortly after payment has been made.

Each character’s skin is gender-specific meaning if your character gender is male, Brock skin is only exclusive to them. The same thing applies to Misty; female users can only have the Misty skin customisation option. Both Brock and Misty skin outfits are also made up of individual clothing so you can purchase the tops, trousers, etc. separately.

If you are very successful in defending your gym then you could earn enough PokeCoins to get the whole set within a couple of weeks. Also, If you already out and about, remember Community Day December Event will start shortly.


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