The anticipated Orbs and Capsules reward system has now arrived. Players rejoiced as they now have a chance to receive premium content. League of legend’s store items such as skins, emotes and icons are now also unlockable by the use of Capsules or Orbs.

Below is everything you need to know about capsules and orbs. What are they? What is their purpose?  How to collect them?

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 What Is A Capsule?

A capsule is a reward system that has various rewards once opened. Rewards you receive from a capsule is random and may contain any of the following, Champion Shards, Skins Shards, Blue Essences, Emotes, Key Fragments and Icons

There are two types of capsules;

Champion Capsules

Honor Capsules

How To Get A Champion Capsule?

This is very straightforward as you will receive a Champion Capsule as soon as you level up


You will receive a larger version of the Champion Capsule by reaching a milestone. To reach the milestone, you must play several matchmade games and level up. The level you have recently reached must be a multiple of 10. For example 10, 20, 30, 40 and so on. By meeting all these conditions, you will receive the larger Champion Capsule.

You may even get extra rewards such as icons along with the Champion Capsule.

Larger capsules, larger rewards. You will receive more loot and a chance to get rare items such as gemstones.

How To Get Honor Capsules?

First, you will need to collect honor points to level up your honor level. The only way to get honor points is with the help of your teammates. Your teammates will honor you if they thought you were influential during the match. You can improve your chance of receiving honor points with these few pointers. Being helpful, playing well and offer constructive feedback towards your teammates.

Upon reaching your next Honor level and your level is 3 or higher, you will receive a capsule. Higher your level is, better the rewards will be from the capsule.

On rare occasions, you are gifted with Honor Capsules for being sportsmanlike. This is for the times when you have voted for a teammate at the Honor screen


What Is An Orb?

Like capsules, an Orb is also part of the reward system. But has a smaller range of rewards compared to capsules. You will find key fragments, Champion or Skin Shards.

There are two types of Orbs, Honor Orbs and Events Orbs, neither need keys to unlock their contents. There are different stages to Honor Orbs just like the Honor Capsules. Event Orbs and the rewards contained within them depend on the current event that is running. For instance, if the World event is running, you will receive World Orbs with World theme rewards.

You will still receive traditional rewards but this is a great opportunity to get limited edition content.

Event Orbs

Honor Orbs

How To Get Event Orbs?

Event Orbs, as the name suggests are only available during events. You exchange tokens for an Event Orb from a list of rewards. You can see a list of the rewards from the Hextech Crafting screen.

To receive tokens, you must complete the corresponding event mission.[

Using the Hextech crafting system, you can exchange your Order Tokens for Order Orbs.

League Of Legends Hextech Crafting Order Coins Into Order Orbs

How To Get Honor Orbs?

You receive Honor Orbs the same way you get Honor Capsule that’s outlined above. The only difference is that you receive Orbs by reaching certain milestones. Like the halfway point of your honor level. This is a small token of appreciation from Riot for playing well and with a positive attitude.

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