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Cats Vs Dogs: All New LoL Skins Coming To The Rift

Whose side are you on? A handful of cats and dogs skins have arrived in League of Legends

Currently, on LoL PBE we have got ourselves a situation. Some of League of Legends champions have received cats and dogs skins stirring up an old debate. Which animal do you prefer? It’s Cats Vs Dogs, with Pretty Kitty Rengar and Meowrick wearing Cat skins and Corgi Corki and Fuzz Fizz with dog-themed skins.

Fuzz Fizz has a Prestige Edition of the skin that can be viewed at Fuzz Fizz Prestige Edition.

LoL Cats Vs Dogs Skins


First up, we have Meowrick, a pink sleeveless onesie with a cat head for a hood disguising the Shepherd of Souls, Yorick.

Gone are the abilities to hear the dead spirits and the accompany of ghosts, instead it’s all kittens and rainbows from here on out. Last Rites and Mourning Mist skill shoots out stars and rainbows, showing the softer side of Yorick. Dark Procession spawns a wall of cute little kittens, trapping anyone within their walls. If you would like more kittens, Meowrick enables you to spawn a giant cat with two little ones for enhanced protection.

Pretty Kitty Rengar

Rengar is also wearing a onesie but instead of pink, Rengar has opted for purple, wielding a star and rainbow sheen.

Already being a stealthy beast, Pretty Kitty Rengar pounces onto his enemies leaving a trail of rainbows. Similarly, stars and rainbows burst out of him during his battle roar that fills the air with an angry cat noise.

If an enemy tries to escape he can throw his ball of yarn to ensnare them.

Pretty Kitty Rengar begins to purr when the ultimate is activated, getting excited to take down his next victim.

Corgi Corki

Corki is always seen flying around in his favourite vehicle, an aircraft. However, Corgi Corki skin has grounded him as the yordle rides a Corgi with fake wings attached. The wings help the corgi stay in the air longer what is deemed possible which you can see with Corki Valkyrie skill, leaving rainbow footprints in its wake.

Corgi Corki Phosphorus Bombs and Gatling Gun share the same Stars and Rainbow particles, sprinkling a little cuteness when fighting. The ultimate still shoots rockets, but keeping with the theme of skin, yes, you got it, more rainbows and stars trailing out of the rocket.

Fuzz Fizz

Fizz’s skin is unique to rest, as he is completely transformed into a dog apposed to wearing animal onesies or riding one.

Fuzz Fizz creates more stars and rainbows with Urchin Strike and Playful/Trickster skills, but its Fizz ultimate that stands out the most. Normally seen with his shark, Fuzz Fizz throws a tennis ball and out pops a Giant Dog, instead of the sharp jagged teeth of his beloved shark.


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