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Championship Kha’Zix Skin Plus World Team Chromas

24 Participating Team Chromas And New Championship Skin In Action

Kha’Zix Championship Skin is now live and obtainable through the Store or Skin Shards. What special about this release is that Kha’Zix will also have 24 different chromas with each one associated to each of the 24 teams taking part in the Worlds Championship. This year The World will be hosted in South Korea, Seoul in their new arena named Lol Park.

League Of Legends KhaZix Championship Chroma Display

Check out the participating teams and their chromas. (There is 28  shown below due to 2 regions not yet locked)

Check out the video to see all the skills effects that are applied when you choose the Champion Skin for Kha’Zix


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