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Championship Ryze is LoL World Champion 2019 Chosen Champion

In-game action of his shiny new style and robes, Championship Ryze skin teleports his way onto the rift ahead of the end of year tournament.

Every year a tournament is hosted to find out which team has what it takes to be champions of the world. Riot Games honor the World Championship tournament by carefully selecting any one of the champions included in their impressive roster, and design a unique skin for them, the iconic Championship Skin.

To celebrate Season 9 of League of Legends Worlds Championship 2019, Riot Games have opted to pick Ryze – The Rune Mage.

Championship Ryze Skin

The skin will primarily consist of distinct colors of blue and gold along with new magical SFX, particles and recall animation. The new Championship skins will be also shipped with a Golden variant, the Championship Ryze Golden Chroma.

Championship Ryze Skin Stills - LoL
Championship Ryze Skin Stills – LoL

Championship Ryze Skin Cost

The skin currently available on LoL PBE Server for testing and is priced up at 1350 RP. However, prices are subject to change when it arrives into LoL live client.

Chromas can be purchased within the Riot Store for 290 RP

Championship Ryze Golden Chroma

For this who would prefer an alternative look to Championship Ryze, there will be a Golden Chroma version.

Championship Ryze Golden Chroma - LoL
Championship Ryze Golden Chroma – LoL


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