Two days, two tournaments and two trophies at stake! League of Legends in-client tournament is back. Now it’s time to team-up and dominate the rift!

A couple of days ago via Twitter, League of Legends shared news upon the return of Clash, an in-client tournament built directly in the client. Users must assemble an elite squad and submit their team into the tournament where they would face off in a single-elimination bracket against seven rival teams.

Lasting for only two days, here is everything you need to know about the Clash Tournament.

Clash Teething Problems

After its initial beta testing of the in-client tournament in 2017, Riot Games was set to introduce the official full version of Clash the following year (2018). However, after several mishaps and technical problems in the opening week, Riot Games quickly cancelled the event.

Teams began losing their matches automatically or experienced problems where the match would not start. Resulting in Riot Games quick response to pull the plug.

A year later (December 2019), Riot Games began more beta testing of the Clash event as it prepares to relaunch the plagued event early in 2020. Hopefully, it can overcome its unfortunate mishap.

When is the Clash available?

From the image in the Twitter announcement, Clash will be returning on 22nd February 2020 until 23rd February 2020.

How Does Clash Work

Clash is League of Legends tournament for teams that last over two days. Each day has its own tournament so there are two trophies at stake. However, your team will be able to play either or both days.

Straight away, teams will clash in an 8 team bracket competing in a single-elimination match. All fighting for the championship trophy.

If you lose your first match and you are eliminated straight from the tournament. Your team will still earn rewards consolation bracket and you can try again in the 2nd tournament.

Lol Clash Tournament Overview
Lol Clash Tournament Overview

Firstly, you would need to team up and form a team with Clash team creation. This will become available a few days before Clash begins.

Lol Clash Team Creation
Lol Clash Team Creation

Keep in mind when choosing your team as Clash takes into account a weighted average of your team skill level. Meaning, if you and your friends are ranked in bronze but also have team members who play in the Challenger league, it will increase the average skill level and you will be facing tougher opponents.

Once you have created your team, all 5 members will need to lock in during the lock-in stage before matches begin to start or risk your slot in the tournament. Start times for lock-ins are staggered by tier.

After everyone has successfully locked in, you will enter the scouting phase. Where your team members can see each other’s vital statistical information. You can see your teams top picks, win success rate, K/D/A and more. This stage helps to prepare and aid you and your team for your chosen team composition.

During the Clash event, all champions are unlocked!

How to enter the Clash Tournament?

Players must have a clash ticket that can be exchanged for Blue Essences or RP (Riot Points), LoL in-game currency for a basic entry into Clash.

Lol Clash Ticket And Clash Premium Ticket
Lol Clash Ticket And Clash Premium Ticket

A Premium Clash Ticket is available for higher RP that upgrades your prizes for those feeling confident of reaching far in the Clash Tournament.

Other ways to earn Clash tickets is by completing missions or offered to you by one of your teammates.

LoL Clash Prizes

There are three main forms of prizes Trophies, Victory Points and Capsules.

If your team successfully win their bracket, they will all earn a trophy based on the tournament them. Trophies will be visible at the nexus in all of your Summoner’s Rift games until 2 weeks after the Clash event ends.

Lol Clash Trophies
Lol Clash Trophies

For every match your team wins, you will each earn yourselves 200 Victory Points. Players can exchange Victory Points for special Banners that will also show up in Summoners rift as well as your profile.

Lol Clash Demacia Banners
Lol Clash Demacia Banners

It will cost you 500 VP (Victory Points) for the tier 1 banner, 1300 VP for tier 2 and the final stage will cost 2,000 VP.

Capsules are given to all Clash participants upon exiting the Clash Tournament. There are two ways to exit a tournament that is be losing or winning the whole thing.

Remember if you have Premium Clash Ticket, you will earn better Capsules and rewards.