Fortnite Leaks have been in short supply since Season 7 started. With Epic Games modern methods of hiding datafiles from avid data miners. Patch v7.10 however, is the first significant update since the season started and luckily for us, many leaked files have been found. Amongst the discovered leaks are the three predicted skins, Frozen Raven, Frozen Love Ranger, and Frozen Red Knight. You’ll also find two never seen before cosmetics: Tinseltoes Skin and the Cloaked Shadow Skin. Inspect them out below.

Once again, as with all leaks, these Fortnite Skins have been found in the data files only, this does not mean they will develop their way into the game. Stay tuned for updates via twitter @l2pbomb.

Cloaked Shadow Skin – Epic

The Cloaked Shadow Skin appears to be a vile shadowy figure dressed in festive gear. Possibly a minion of the ice king?

Cloaked Shadow
Leaked Cloaked Shadow Skin

Tinseltoes – Uncommon

The leaked Fortnite Tinseltoes Skin is a feminine elf!

Tinseltoes Skin – Fortnite | Epic Games

Frozen Raven – Legendary. Brooding master of frozen feathers

This skin is the same stunning Raven skin all iced over. Frozen from head to toe, you can preview this new skin in the new snow biome location in the form of an iconic Frozen statue.

Frozen Raven
Frozen Raven Skin – Fortnite | Epic Game

Frozen Red Knight – Legendary – Frozen menace of icy tundra

The Frozen Red Knight Skin has graciously received a frosty makeover. You can preview this skin in the new snow biome in the form of a frozen statue.

Frozen Red Knight
Frozen Red Knight Skin – Fortnite | Epic Games

Frozen Love Ranger – Legendary. Aim for the cold-hearted

The legendary valentine skin has been updated for Christmas time. You can preview the skin in the new snow biome in the form of a frozen statue.

Frozen Love Ranger
Frozen Love Ranger Skin – Fortnite | Epic Game

Maven Skin – Victory is the common denominator

The leaked Maven skin is seemingly a female maths teacher of some sort.

Maven Skin Rare – Fortnite | Epic Games

Prodigy – Never afraid to divide by zero

Prodigy Skin Leaked – Fortnite | Epic Games

Frozen Iron Cage – Legendary

The Back Bling is bundled with the Frozen Raven Skin.

Frozen Ice Cage Leaked Back Bling

Frozen Red Shield – Legendary

The Back Bling is bundled with the Frozen Red Knight Skin.

Frozen Red Knight Back Bling Red Shield – Fortnite | Epic Games

Frozen Love Wings – Legendary. Freeze Love in its track.

This Back Bling is bundles with the Frozen Love Ranger Skin.

Frozen Ice Wings
Frozen Love Ranger Back Bling Frozen Ice Wings – Fortnite Epic Games

Techie – Rare. Boot up

Techie Back Bling
Techie B

Birdshot – Legendary. Flock together.

This Back Bling goes with the Crackshot Skin.

Mini Marauder

Mini Marauder
Mini Marauder Back Bling, Sad Face – Fortnite | Epic Games

Giddy Gunner

Mini Marauder
Mini Marauder Back bling, Happy Face – Fortnite | Epic Games

Combat Wreath – Uncommon.

Combat Wreath
Combat Wreath Back Bling Uncommon – Fortnite | Epic Games

Tabulator – Rare. Get those digits

Tabulator Back Bling
Tabulator Back Bling – Fortnite | Epic Games

We naturally assume this will be a reactive Back Bling that will progressively increase with kills.

Nutcracker Pickaxe – Rare.

Crackshot Pickaxe

Snow Globe
Crackshot Pickaxe: Snow Globe – Fortnite | Epic Games

Cookie Cutter Pickaxe – Uncommon.

Cookie Cutter Pickaxe
Merry Marauder pickaxe: Cookie Cutter Pickaxe – Fortnite | Epic Games

All leaked Pickaxes

Gingersled Glider – Uncommon.

Merry Marauder Glider.

Gingersled Glider
Merry Marauder Glider: Gingersled Glider – Fortnite | Epic Games

Equalizer Glider – Rare.

Equalizer Glider
Equalizer Glider Rare – Fortnite Epic Games

Merry Munchkin Pet – Epic.

Merry Munchkin
Merry Munchkin Pet – Fortnite | Epic Games

Disco Wrap – Rare.

Disco Wrap
Disco Wrap

Candy Cane Wrap – Uncommon.

Candy Cane Wrap
Candy Cane Wrap – Fortnite Epic Games

That’s all we have had so far, follow us on social media to be alerted once we have more. We can almost guarantee there are some Gliders that will be released with the amove leaked skins, however, due to Epic Games new anti-mining techniques they have not yet been uncovered.