Are you struggling to get your hands on a Hextech Chest? Curious to find out what is inside a Hextech Chest? We have got you covered. Discover various methods of getting Hextech Chest and a list of content you can unlock.

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What Are Hextech Chests?

Hextech Chest is part of League Of Legends crafting system. With each chest rewarding players with randomized loot. Loot varies from Champion Shards, Skin Shards, Icons, Gems or Essences. If luck is on your side, you may receive more than one lootable item within the chest. To reveal the contents inside Hextech Chests you will need a key to unlock it.

How Can I Get A Hextech Chest?

Buying Hextech Chest from Riot store

Click on the store icon within your client to take you to the Riot store. It lists subcategories at the top of the page. The Loot subcategory is the one you need to click on to filter the store to display Hextech Chest.

It fills the window with various bundles for you to buy that contain Hextech chests. You will need riot points (using real money) to buy any of the listed bundles.

Receiving An S Rank Or Higher With A Champion You Own

After a match has ended, the client will take you to the stats page. This page allows you to check all the statistics of the game, along with graphs and player ratings. We will only focus on your player rating score for now. Take a look at your player rating which is known as your mastery rank. If you or your premade mastery rank is an S- or higher you have a chance of obtaining a Hextech chest after passing certain conditions.

What conditions?

Well, first, you must own the champion. Renting or champions on free rotation do not qualify as owned.

Next, check If you have received a Hextech Chest from a champion, as you cannot receive another one from the same Champion. You can check whether you have received a Hextech Chest from a champion in the Collection category. Champions that have already received a Hextech chest have a Hextech Chest symbol above their heads.

League Of Legends Hextech Mastery Rank Collection

From the image above you can see Fiddle, Karma, Lux, Syndra and Teemo have already received a Hextech Chest.

Lastly, check if you have any chest slots available. Chest slots keep track of how many times you can get Hextech Chest for an S- or higher mastery rank.  You can check how many are left remaining from the Profil tab.

You are given 4 chest slots. Once you have earned 4 chests, you will need to wait until more chest slots unlock. Chests slots are unlocked 7 days from when you used up one of your slots. Slot are unlocked one at a time, so if you have 2 remaining, after 7 days you will have 3 remaining.


Certain missions offer Hextech Chest as a reward. You will receive the reward once you have successfully completed the mission. If you would like to know about anything about missions, check out our comprehensive missions guide here.

Bonus Reward

In rare occasions, opening Hextech Chest, Capsules or Orbs will reward you with a Hextech Chest. Yes, that right, you can get a Hextech Chest inside a Hextech Chest. Essences, Champion Shards, Skin Shards, Icons, Key Fragments or Emotes are other bonus content you can expect to see. Bonuses are extra content you will receive alongside your main reward.

How to open Hextech chests?

Keys are the only item that can open Hextech Chests. Check ‘Obtaining And Crafting Keys’ guide to find out how to collect keys.

If you have a key in your inventory you need to go to the Hextech Crafting system to unlock the Hextech Chest.

What Is Inside A Hextech Chest?

Below you will see a table showing each content you can receive inside a Hextech Chest and a percentage of how often you will receive each content.

Hextech Loot

Hextech Chest also has many contingencies in place, one contingency is ‘Bad Luck Protection’. What this does, prevent you from having bad luck when opening multiple Hextech Chest in a row. For example, you will always receive a Skin Shard at least once by the 3rd Hextech Chest opening. Another ‘Bad Luck Protection’ is in place for Gemstones, you will at least get a Gemstone within 50 Hextech Chest openings.

If you receive a Hextech Chest inside a Hextech Chest, the chance of receiving another within that Hextech Chest stay the same at 10%. Who knows, you may get extremely lucky.

All Skins no matter if they are Legendary, Epic or Legacy etc, have the same chance of dropping. It really is the luck of the draw which Skin Shard you will receive. If you get an ‘Ultimate’ or ‘Mythic’ Skin Shard, it will have auto-redeeming permanents. To put it simply, it does not need Orange Essence to unlock the skin shard. If you do already own the Skin Shard, you can disenchant for Orange Essences.

Riot has also made sure that Champion Shards are worth 4800 BE or more. This doesn’t mean you can’t get champions under 4800 BE. You can receive multiple Champion Shard that totals 4800 or greater. Sometimes, you can receive 3 Champion Shards within one Hextech Chest.