L2pbomb’s full list of all Adopt Me Pets! If you’re curious as to just how many pets there are in Roblox’s number one game Adopt Me, then look no further. Discover all the ways you can unlock Pets in Adopt Me including Pets no longer obtainable. Our comprehensive pet list covers all common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare and legendary pets.

Adopt Me Halloween Pets List 2020

Adopt Me’s Halloween event provides players the opportunity to play mini games in exchange for Candies. Players can then purchase exclusive Halloween rewards with this festive currency. Exclusive rewards range from Spooky Rattles, freaky Bone Carriage and of course, Pets! Here are all the event exclusive pets from Adopt Me Halloween Event 2020.

  • Pumpkin (Legendary) – Pumpkin Smash first game reward – Temporary
  • Normal Bat (Uncommon) – Bat Box, 1,000 Candy
  • Albino Bat (Ultra-Rare) – Bat Box, 1,000 Candy
  • Ghost Bunny (Ultra-Rare) 4,000 Candy
  • Cerberus (Legendary) – Permanent Robux Pet, 500 Robux
  • Skele-Rex (Legendary) 10,000 Candy

Adopt Me Pets List

Pets rolled out with the June 2019 update (Summer Update). Hatching Eggs represent the single biggest way to unlock pets in Adopt Me, but some pets can be acquired with Robux. In addition, New players are granted one starter egg to launch their pet collection. Here is a list of all Adopt Me Pets that have entered the game. Some of the pets mentioned below were introduced during events and are no longer available, most, however, are still tradable.

Currently, Adopt Me offers three different standard eggs for players to purchase: Cracked, Pet, and Royal Egg. Typically we see an event egg alongside these three. These event eggs are time-limited and once gone are exclusively available via trading. Here’s every Adopt Me Egg to date: Aussie, Blue, Christmas, Farm, Jungle, Pink, and Safari Egg. The Aussie Egg is the current egg found in the Gumball Machine, all other eggs are no longer obtainable outside of trading.

Next Egg: Dino Egg (Fossil). Confirmed on Adopt Me official Twitter page, players can expect these to replace the Aussie Eggs soon.

Update: All Fossil Egg Pets

  • Deinonychus (Ultra-Rare)
  • Dilophosaurus (Rare)
  • Dodo (Legendary)
  • Glyptodon (Uncommon)
  • Ground Sloth (Common)
  • Pterodactyl (Rare)
  • Sabertooth (Ultra-Rare)
  • Stegosaurus (Uncommon)
  • T-Rex (Legendary)
  • Tazmanian Tiger (Common)
  • Triceratops (Uncommon)
  • Wooly Mammoth (Rare)

All Adopt Me Robux Pets

While most of the game’s content is available without spending any money at all, there are some pets that are exclusively Robux. These include permanent pets and time-limited pets. Some will require the player to go to specific locations for a chance at a selection of pets like the Bee, King Bee and Queen Bee. Others may need a set of ingredients to obtain the pet you want, just like the Monkeys during the Monkey Fairground Event. Most time-limited pets are no longer available to purchase, however, Adopt Me have confirmed the Monkey Fairground will return at some point in the future.

  • Albino Monkey (Legendary) – Premium Monkey Box – 10% Chance: 195 Robux
  • Bee (Ultra-rare) – Buy Honey from the Coffee Shop – 7/8 chance: 199 Robux
  • Dalmatian / Santa Dog (Ultra-Rare) – Christmas Event 2019, pet came with a Santa Hat: 250 Robux
  • Frost Dragon (Legendary) – Christmas Event 2019: 1,000 Robux
  • Golden Penguin (Legendary) – Throw a Golden Goldfish in the Ice Cream Parlor for a 10% chance: 225 Robux
  • Griffin (Legendary) – Gamepass or inside the Petshop: 600 Robux
  • Horse (Ultra-Rare) – Gamepass or inside the Petshop: 300 Robux
  • King Bee (Legendary) – Buy Honey from the Coffee Shop – 1/10 chance: 199 Robux
  • Kitsune (Legendary) – Petshop: 600 Robux
  • Monkey King (Legendary) – Premium Monkey Box (Combine 3 Staffs and a Normal Monkey): 195 Robux
  • Panda (Ultra-Rare) – Gamepass or inside the Petshop: 249 Robux
  • Penguin (Ultra-Rare) – Throw a Golden Goldfish in the Ice Cream Parlor for a 90% chance: 225 Robux
  • Queen Bee (Legendary) – Buy Honey from the Coffee Shop – 1/40 chance: 199 Robux
  • Shadow Dragon (Legendary) – Halloween Event 2019: 1,000 Robux
  • Sloth (Ultra-Rare) – Gamepass or inside the Petshop: 199 Robux

All Star Rewards Pets

These can all be acquired by logging-in everyday! You get one star a day, and you get extra stars after five days in a row! Logging-in for 30 days straight will rewards you with 20 stars and a free Broken Egg.

  • Ginger Cat (Ultra-Rare) – 210 Stars
  • Toucan (Ultra-Rare) – 400 Stars
  • Starfish (Ultra-Rare) – 550 Stars

Adopt Me Golden Pets (Golden Eggs)

  • Golden Dragon (Legendary) – 660 Stars
  • Golden Griffin (Legendary) – 660 Stars
  • Golden Unicorn (Legendary) – 660 Stars

Adopt Me Diamond Pets (Diamond Eggs)

Once players have obtained the Golden Egg, their stars will reset. Players will subsequently have to forge their way through the Star Rewards again to obtain the Diamond Egg.

  • Diamond Dragon (Legendary) – 660 Stars
  • Diamond Griffin (Legendary) – 660 Stars
  • Diamond Unicorn (Legendary) – 660 Stars

Adopt Me Common Pets

  • Bandicoot (Aussie Egg)
  • Buffalo (Cracked Egg or Pet Egg)
  • Cat (Starter Egg, Cracked Egg, or Pet Egg)
  • Chick (Easter 2020 Egg)
  • Chicken (Farm Egg)
  • Dog (Starter Egg, Cracked Egg, or Pet Egg)
  • Otter (Cracked Egg or Pet Egg)
  • Robin (Christmas Egg)

Adopt Me Uncommon Pets

  • Black Panther (Jungle Egg)
  • Blue Dog (Blue Egg)
  • Capybara (Jungle Egg)
  • Chocolate Labrador (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)
  • Dingo (Aussie Egg)
  • Drake (Farm Egg)
  • Fennec Fox (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)
  • Meerkat (Safari Egg)
  • Pink Cat (Pink Egg)
  • Puma (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)
  • Silly Duck (Farm Egg)
  • Snow Cat (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)
  • Wild Boar (Safari Egg)
  • Wolf (Christmas Egg)

Adopt Me Rare Pets

  • Australian Kelpie (Aussie Egg)
  • Beaver (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)
  • Brown Bear (Jungle Egg)
  • Bunny (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)
  • Cow (Farm Egg)
  • Elephant (Safari Egg)
  • Emu (Aussie Egg)
  • Hyena (Safari Egg)
  • Pig (Farm Egg)
  • Polar Bear (Christmas Egg)
  • Rabbit (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)
  • Reindeer (Christmas Egg)
  • Rhino (Jungle Egg)
  • Snow Puma (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)
  • Swan (Christmas Egg)

Adopt Me Ultra-Rare Pets

  • Arctic Fox (Christmas Egg)
  • Crocodile (Jungle Egg)
  • Flamingo (Safari Egg)
  • Frog (Aussie Egg)
  • Koala (Aussie Egg)
  • Lion (Safari Egg)
  • Llama (Farm Egg)
  • Platypus (Jungle Egg)
  • Red Panda (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)
  • Shiba Inu (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)
  • Turkey (Farm Egg)

Adopt Me Legendary Pets

  • Arctic Reindeer (Christmas Egg)
  • Crow (Farm Egg)
  • Dragon (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)
  • Giraffe (Safari Egg)
  • Kangaroo (Aussie Egg)
  • Owl (Farm Egg)
  • Parrot (Jungle Egg)
  • Turtle (Aussie Egg)
  • Unicorn (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)

Event Pets

Pets that have entered the game that was obtainable by limited-time currency or special conditions.

  • Bat Dragon (Legendary) – Halloween Event 2019: 180,000 Candies
  • Business Monkey (Ultra-Rare) – Money Fairground Event: 3 Briefcases combined w/Monkey
  • Elf Hedgehog (Ultra-Rare) – Christmas Event: 80,500 Gingerbread
  • Elf Shrew (Rare) – Christmas Event: 23,000 Gingerbread
  • Evil Unicorn (Legendary) – Halloween Event 2019: 108,000 Candies
  • Golden Rat (Legendary) – Lunar New Year Event 2020 – Rat Box: 1 in 15 Chance
  • Monkey (Rare) – Monkey Fairground Event – Monkey Box
  • Ninja Monkey (Legendary) – Monkey Fairground Event: 3 Scrolls combined w/Monkey
  • Pet Rock (Uncommon) – April Fools 2020, Temporary, No Longer Available
  • Rat (Rare) – Lunar New Year Event 2020 – Rat Box: 14 in 15 Chance
  • Scoob! (Legendary) – Scoob! Event – Temporary, No Longer Available
  • Toy Monkey (Ultra-Rare) – Monkey Fairground Event: 3 Cymbals combined w/Monkey
  • Zombie Buffalo (Ultra-Rare) – Halloween Event 2019: 36,000 Candies

Are Adopt Me Pets Coming Back?

Will beloved pets like Shadow Dragon and Frost Dragon be coming back into Adopt Me? A common question we naturally see all the time, unfortunately, we don’t have a perfect answer. The creators of Adopt Me Pets have made insightful comments on social media hinting that once limited pets are gone they won’t be coming back. Pointing out that limited pets are a key driving force for the trading economy. However, there may be rare cases in the foreseeable future of limited pets coming back just like the monkeys mentioned above.

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