Players will have under a month to capture the new legendary Pokemon

Cresselia is the new legendary Pokemon in Pokémon Go and will replace level 5 raid boss, Giratina. The psychic type Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region will start showing in raid battles.

As Pokémon’s legendary year is coming to a close, there will be an exciting appearance of a Legendary Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region. The Pokémon GO team

This is just the beginning of Gen 4 Legendary Pokemon being introduce into Pokemon Go with Manaphy and Shaymin still left to go. The lunar Pokemon, Cresselia will remain as the raid boss until 18th December 1 p.m. (PST)

Cresselia The Lunar Psychic Pokémon

Cresselia is known to the Pokémon Universe as Darkrai Counterpart with both of the Pokemon making their debut in Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond on Nintendo DS platform.

If you manage to face Cresselia, we have some handy tip on which Pokemon can counter her in Pokemon Go raid battles.

Cresselia Strength And Weaknesses

Cresselia instantly becomes boosted when the weather becomes windy but becomes more vulnerable if the weather is foggy or raining. She also vulnerable against Ghost, Dark or Bug-type skills, so make sure you using Pokemon with these type skills.

Pokemon That Counter Cresselia

he most effective Pokémon against Cresselia are Mewtwo, Tyranitar or Gengar with Mewtwo being the most effective of the three Pokemon. But if you do not own any of the Pokemon, use Scizor, Houndoom, Pinsir or Weaville that will amply provide you as worthy replacements. In extreme cases, you don’t have any of the Pokemon mentioned you can use Honchkrow, Absol or Sharpedo.