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Dark Star Skins To Drop Into The Rift Alongside TFT Set 3 Galaxies

Malphite, Mordekaiser and Xerath join team Dark Cosmic Lux with matching Dark Star Skins.

With Lux at war with herself, a team of ruthless villains have joined Dark Cosmic Lux to help throw the world into chaos. Dressed up in their new galaxy-themed skins, Dark Star Xerath, Dark Star Malphite and Dark Star Mordekaiser have their sights on one prime location, the rift. Can they bend others to join their cause?

Will we also see the return of the Dark Star Singularity Game Mode?

Dark Star Singularity is a 5v5 match up where all participants play as Thresh. Scoring points for eliminations or knocking your enemies through portals located around the circular map. The game mode would be a perfect blend for the upcoming Galaxies theme content but unfortunately, an alternative One For All game mode will be going live instead.

When will the Dark Star Skins be available?

The new Dark Star skins will be going live in patch 10.6, Wednesday, 18th March alongside the release of the new Teamfight Tactics set, Set 3 Galaxies.

Dark Star Skins

Dark Star Malphite Skin

Dark Star Malphite Skin Splash Art Lol
Dark Star Malphite Skin Splash Art Lol

Encapsulating the cosmic energy residing through his body, Dark Star Malphite skin will be available for 1350 RP.

Dark Star Mordekaiser Skin

Dark Star Mordekaiser Skin Splash Art Lol
Dark Star Mordekaiser Skin Splash Art Lol

Once a member of the Cosmic Court, Mordekaiser vanished from space. Now reborn again and bearing the newly twisted, reforged Cosmic Armor, Dark Star Mordekaiser can also be purchased for 1350 RP.

Dark Star Xerath Skin

Dark Star Xerath Skin Splash Art Lol
Dark Star Xerath Skin Splash Art Lol

As the Dark Star continued on its path through the galaxies, destroying and consuming anything in its way. It finally met Xerath, converting the supergiant into a wrathful corruptant. Dark Star Xerath was born. Following the previous Dark Star Skins, the skin can be bought for 1350 RP within the Riot Store.


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