Dauntless: All Behemoth Break Parts and Materials Guide

Find out which materials and body parts you can get with each type of Behemoth in Dauntless

Dauntless has taken the world by storm since the RPG game launched on 21st May as the surge in users continues to grow. The free-to-play game has topped over six million users since leaving early access already and shows no signs of slowing down.

In the world of Dauntless like most RPG games, you choose a class that have a unique set of skills, weapons and armor to help you fend off monsters or enemies of the realm.

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As you start to level up, you will start finding and fight against stronger opponents or beasts. Therefore, you must craft new powerful weapons, Armor, Items, etc. But first, you will need to find the materials needed to forge these powerful weapons.

Behemoths are mighty beasts in Dauntless that roam the lands and when slain drop materials that are needed for crafting. Certain materials can only be obtained by collection Behemoths body parts such as the Behemoth Head, Tail, Legs, etc. before it is slain.

However, there are many types of Behemoths and not all of them can lose a body part, so we have collected all the types of Behemoths and the body parts and materials they drop in our guide below.

There are multiple variants of Behemoths but we have only included the most powerful version of type. Due to the fact it includes all the materials and break parts as the weaker version but covers the extra rare drops you can collect for the stronger versions. Item in italic are bonus material only found the powerful Behemoth versions.

Blaze Behemoths

Dauntless Blaze Behemoth Embermane

Bloodfire Embermane

Elements: Blaze
Weakness(es): Frost
Threat Level: 10/15

  • Slaying – Embermane Hide, Smoldering Bloodhide (Rare), Bloodsoul Shard (Epic)
  • Heroic Slay Variant – Bloodfire
  • Horn – Emberhorn
  • Head – Savage Hooktooth
  • Leg – Smoked Dewclaw
  • Tail – Burning Tailspike
Dauntless Terra Behemoth Charrogg

Firebrand Charrogg

Elements: Blaze
Weakness(es): Frost
Threat Level: 8/ 13

  • Slaying – Charrog Scale, Smoldering Firebrand Scale (Rare), Lumbering Flamesoul Shard (Epic)
  • Heroic Slay Variant – Smoulder
  • Head – Smoldering Horn
  • Firesac – Burned Gillhide
  • Leg – Scorched Rockhide
  • Tail – Smoldering Tailspike
Dauntless Blaze Behemoth Hellion

Scorchstone Hellion

Elements: Blaze
Weakness(es): Frost
Threat Level: 12/ 16

  • Slaying – Hellhide, Scorchscale (Rare), Hellstone Shard (Epic)
  • Heroic Slay Variant – Wildfire
  • Head – Charred Browplate
  • Leg – Burned Hindscale
  • Tail – Charred Tailplate

Frost Behemoths

Dauntless Frost Behemoth Boreus

Dreadfrost Boreus

Elements: Frost
Weakness(es): Blaze
Threat Level: 9/ 15

  • Slaying – Boreus Hide, Psionic Scale (Rare), Dreadfrost Shard (Epic)
  • Heroic Slay Variant – Dominion
  • Head – Horn Fragment
  • Leg – Hoof Chip
  • Tail – Icy Hindscale
Dauntless Frost Behemoth Pangar


Elements: Frost
Weakness(es): Blaze
Threat Level: 7

  • All – Pangar Hide
  • Head – Frosty Tooth, Frosty Incisor (Rare)
  • Arm – Frosty Scale
  • Leg – Fractured Icetalon (Rare)
  • Tail – Severed Tailplate, Fractured Tailplate (Rare)
Dauntless Frost Behemoth Skraev


Elements: Frost
Weakness(es): Blaze
Threat Level: 4

  • Head – Shattered Frostbeak, Skraev Feather
  • Leg, Wing – Skraev Feather
  • Tail – Skraev Tailfeather

Neutral Behemoths

Dauntless Neutral Behemoth Quillshot

Deadeye Quillshot

Elements: Neutral
Weakness(es): N/A
Threat Level: 12/14

  • Slaying – Deadeye Hide, Flawless Spinehide (Rare)
  • Heroic Slay VariantVicious
  • Head Ferocious Snout (Rare), Perfect Tusk (Epic)
  • Quills – Deadeye Quillshard, Deadeye Quill (Rare), Deadeye Razorquill (Epic)
  • Legs – Dewspine, Spiked Shinplate (Rare), Perfect Dewspine (Epic)
  • Tail – Jagged Tailspike, Heavy Tailspike (Rare), Perfect Tailspike (Epic)
Dauntless Neutral Behemoth Shrike

Moonreaver Shrike

Elements: Neutral
Weakness(es): N/A
Threat Level: 9/14

  • Slaying – Torn Moonfeather, Pristine Moonfeather (Rare)
  • Heroic Slay VariantPlume
  • Head – Broken Moonbeak, Pristine Moonbeak (Rare), Perfect Moonbeak (Epic)
  • Body – Moonmantle, Pristine Moonmantle (Rare), Perfect Moonmantle (Epic)
  • Tail – Reaverdown, Pristine Reaverdown (Rare), Perfect Reaverdown (Epic)
Dauntless Neutral Behemoth Gnasher

Ragetail Gnasher

Elements: Neutral
Weakness(es): N/A
Threat Level: 9/13

  • Slaying – Gnasher Hide, Furious Ragescale (Rare), Ragesoul Shard (Epic)
  • Heroic Slay VariantGrievance
  • Head – Ragetooth
  • Leg – Gnasher Shinplate
  • Tail – Sharpened Slapper

Radiant Behemoths

Dauntless Radiant Behemoth Rezakiri


Elements: Radiant
Weakness(es): Umbral
Threat Level: 17

  • Slaying – Rezakiri Chitin, Luminescent Chitin (Rare), Cataclysm Shard (Epic)
  • Heroic Slay VariantSupernova
  • Head – Cracked Biocrystal, Radiant Biocrystal (Epic)
  • Limb – Exoskeletal Plate
  • Tail – Lustrous Tailplate
  • Tailgem – Radiant Aethergem
Dauntless Radiant Behemoth Valomyr


Elements: Radiant
Weakness(es): Umbral
Threat Level: 8/16

  • Slaying– Valomyr Hide, Fractal Hide (Rare)
  • Heroic Slay VariantOpalescence
  • Horns – Apocalypse Horn, Volatile Horn (Rare)
  • Head – Protean Fang, Fractal Fang (Rare)
  • Legs – Radiant Dewclaw, Volatile Claw (Rare)
  • Tail – Unstable Tailspike, Unstable Spike (Rare), Protean Spike (Epic)

Shock Behemoths

Dauntless Shock Behemoth Drask


Elements: Shock
Weakness(es): Terra
Threat Level: 7

  • Slaying – Drask Hide, Thundering Scale (Rare), Thundersoul Shard (Epic)
  • Head – Fractal Eyetooth
  • Leg – Jagged Sparkscale
  • Tail – Electroscale
Dauntless Shock Behemoth Nayzaga


Elements: Shock
Weakness(es): Terra
Threat Level: 5

  • Slaying – Nayzaga Chitin
  • Head – Shocktooth, Static Spine(Rare)
  • Leg – Sparkclaw Splinter, Sparkclaw Chunk (Rare)
  • Tail – Sparkspine, Electric Tailspike (Rare)
Dauntless Shock Behemoth Stormclaw


Elements: Shock
Weakness(es): Terra
Threat Level: 6

  • Slaying – Stormclaw Hide
  • Head – Magnetooth, Glinttooth (Rare)
  • Front Leg – Static Hide, Voltscale (Rare)
  • Rear Leg – Static Shank, Volthoof (Rare)
  • Tail – Capacitail, Charged Tail (Rare)

Terra Behemoths

Dauntless Terra Behemoth Koshai


Elements: Terra
Weakness(es): Shock
Threat Level: 10/17

  • Slaying – Aether Thorn, Vital Thorn (Rare)
  • Heroic Slay VariantSovereign
  • Antlers – Splintered Antler, Broken Antler (Rare), Imposing Antler (Epic)
  • Head – Vinetooth, Thornscale (Rare), Nature’s Mane (Epic)
  • Limbs – Bramblespur, Thornclaw (Rare), Choking Bramblespur (EEpic)
  • Tail – Caudal Thorn, Razorthorn (Rare), Living Thorn (Epic)
Dauntless Terra Behemoth Kharabak

Razorwing Kharabak

Elements: Terra
Weakness(es): Shock
Threat Level: 10/14

  • Slaying – Kharabak Chitin, Sleek Razorwing Chitin (Rare), Assassin Soul Shard (Epic)
  • Heroic Slay VariantProgenitor
  • Head – Deadly Incisor
  • Limbs – Claw Shell Fragment
  • Tail – Deadly Ovipositor
Dauntless Terra Behemoth Skarn


Elements: Terra
Weakness(es): Shock
Threat Level: 3

  • Head, Limbs, Tails – Skarn Hide

Umbral Behemoths

Dauntless Umbral Behemoth Riftstaler


Elements: Umbral
Weakness(es): Radiant
Threat Level: 9/16

  • Slayed– Rifthide, Unstable Riptide (Rare)
  • Heroic Slay VariantRiftborn
  • Head – Chipped Riftfang, Unstable Riftfang (Rare), Apex Riftfang (Epic)
  • Limbs – Cracked Voidclaw, Unstable Voidclaw (Rare), Rending Voidclaw (Epic)
  • Tail – Dull Riftspike, Nightbringer Riftspike (Rare), Piercing Riftspike (Epic)
Dauntless Umbral Behemoth Shrowd


Elements: Umbral
Weakness(es): Radiant
Threat Level: 17

  • Heroic Slay VariantEclipse
  • Body – Shrowd Feather, Writhing Feather (Rare)
  • Head – Darkbeak Fragment, Darkbeak Shard (Rare), Corrupted Crownfeather (Epic)
  • Wing – Torn Bladefeather, Dark Bladefeather (Rare), Corrupted Bladefeather (Epic)
  • Leg – Cracked Shadowtalon, Twisted Shadowspur (Rare), Corrupted Shadowtalon (Epic)
  • Tail – Dark Tailfeather, Midnight Tailfeather (Rare), Corrupted Darktail (Epic)


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