Our comprehensive beginner’s guide to the best armour to craft in Dauntless.

Dauntless is a challenging action RPG that offers a deep and robust set of unlockable items that can be crafted. Our practical guide below will cover all the best Dauntless Armour to craft from all distinct stages of the game. Ideally, you’ll never want to use a full set of Behemoth armour, unless using sparingly to improve a specific behemoth mastery.

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To improve behemoth masteries, you need to kill behemoths wearing their own set of armour with any weapon type. It’s also worth noting that in some cases, it’s also worth using a particular Behemoth armour set if your struggling with certain special attacks as their gear will typically have specific stats that will improve survivability.

How to pick the best Dauntless Armour

When looking attentively to boost your damage there are two key areas to focus, the armour Stat and Cell slot. Armour resistance can undoubtedly play a minor part early game, however, as you progress dealing higher damage far outweighs the need for a particular resistance. Having higher damage means you can kill behemoths faster, as a result, you’ll farm more Behemoths per hour and naturally acquire more valuable resources to get better gear.

Dauntless Best Armour Guide
Dauntless Stat And Cell Slots

Power on your armour is the same across all available armours and will progressively increase by upgrading the item. Your total defense will be all your armour defense stats added together. So a full +5 set would provide each of your items a defense rating of 75 equalling 300 defense in total for example. The practical aim is to get any of the selected best Dauntless armour below to at least +10, you can go higher but for minor gains.

Stats, as highlighted above, start at +1 and will increase to +3 at level 10.

The Best Amour To Start Dauntless

  • Draskscale Helmet (Drask Helm)
  • Draskscale Plate (Drask Chest)
  • Gnasher Grips (Gnasher Gloves)
  • Gnasher Treads (Gnasher Boots)

The compelling reason to use this setup early is that each item has a power slot. Having the ability to add a power cell in Dauntless is remarkably powerful especially cells like rage hunter and overpower. Extending this route will speed up behemoth farming and progress you faster than you typically would have. Another valid reason to use this setup, Behemoths you need to farm for the best beginner armour in Dauntless are easy low-level behemoths. Lesser Gnasher and Lesser Drask.

Using this armour setup will be strong enough to steer you all the way to midgame, at which point you’ll want to start transitioning into more potent armour. Until then, make sure you continue to upgrade your selected armour, you’ll have to face other behemoths along the way for some of the upgrade parts.

Best Dauntless Armour Mid Game

  • Hellplate Casque (Hellion Helmet)
  • Hellplate Cuirass (Hellion Chest)
  • Hellplate Bracers (Hellion Gloves)
  • Dance of the Swarm (Kharabak Boots) / Gnasher Treads (Gnasher Boots)

We do not recommend the Hellion boots due to granting a utility slot in Fortress which is pretty lackluster. The rest of the Hellion set, however, is exceedingly strong. Hellion Helmet provides the Ragehunter stat and a Technique Cell slot. Hellion Chest piece grants Molten for the stat and another Technique Cell. Last in the impressive set is the Gloves that adequately provide Molten and a Power Cell. For the boots, I’d recommend using the Kharabak boots: Dance of the Swarm for conditioning and a Power Cell slot. Alternatively, you can continue to use Gnasher Boots.

What does Molten do?

Molten gives immunity to burning damage, an extra bit of movement speed and Attack speed per Orb pickup. Upgrading your gear will improve duration.

What does Ragehunter do?

Increases damage against enraged Behemoths.

What does Conditioning do?

Increases Stamina Regen.

Best Dauntless Amour End Game

Your new armour should uphold comfortably until you reach Rezakiri and Koshai. This is the point where your build becomes highly customizable and unique to your personal playstyle based on the weapon used and cells. Koshai will be first on your hit list so you’ll want to farm for the Chest, Gloves, and Boots.

Chest and boots will grant predator with utility slots while the gloves provide Evasive Fury and a power slot.

Whats does Predator do?

Grants a ton of damage but if you get hit, you’ll lose the damage boost for 15 seconds. Dodging is more important than ever now!

Whats does Evasive Fury do?

Receive an attack speed boost for 16 seconds after dodging an attack.

As you can see the pieces of armour, naturally intertwine perfectly with each other. Simply dodge and observe your power rise!

Lastly, it’s time to have a showdown with Rezakiri. The essential items you’ll require to craft will be Helmet, Chest, and gloves. The helmet and Gloves offer a technique slot and both have the Conduit stat, while the Chest, in addition, has Conduit but provides a utility cell slot.

What does Conduit do?

Lantern hold ability grants all Slayers’ attack speed temporarily

Once you’ve acquired these pieces, you can now swap and switch between any armour setup you desire that will complement your build, weapon, and style. Check online for unique variants of these armours to min/max your character.

We hope our Dauntless Beginner-Friendly Armour Guide has been helpful to you, if you have, please share to your friends and on social media. Drop a comment below if you have other best Dauntless armour variations that you would like to share.