Dauntless Grows To 6 Million Players

Pet your way though this free-to-play role-playing game

It’s merely been a week since the free-to-play monster-hunting MMORPG Dauntless by Phoenix Labs officially launched on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. But in that time it’s racked up some seriously impressive statistics as Slayers gathered across all leading platforms in the Shattered Isles to socialize and slay Behemoths. In an infographic released earlier today by Phoenix Labs, the studio reveals that the game has attracted more than 6 million players ‘ attention in its first week, “doubling its player count since the PC Open Beta.”

On May 23, Dauntless credibly claimed 4 million players. Since then, it has attracted another 2 million. Dauntless had its official launch on May 21, though was playable by a lucky few during beta and early access.

In an online multiplayer environment, Dauntless is all about fighting monsters. It’s similar to the Monster Hunter series of Capcom. Monster Hunter:World, however, is respectively a paid premium game. Being free-to-play typically gives Dauntless an effective way to reach an audience that might not be inclined to pay for Monster Hunter.

Active players have been put to work according to the impressive statistics “Players worldwide have logged more than 20 million hunts, exceeding 15 million hours of play.”Additionally, 60 percent of slaying parties consisted of cross-platform players using the game’s vaunted One Dauntless system, allowing players to access their accounts from any platform and group with other players regardless of their platform.

Although it’s truly staggering to learn that the Slayers have managed to rack up a cumulative total of 13 million Behemoth kills, the most significant statistics shared in the infographic is by far the remarkable fact that Ramsgate’s loyal canine companions Bruna and Max have been petted “an incalculable number of times.”You can check out the comprehensive infographic below, which is packed with far more delicious statistics.

Dauntless reaches 6 million active players within it's first week
Dauntless info-graphic


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