Earn and discover bonuses and rewards with Dauntless Season Five: Hidden Blades Hunt Pass

Dauntless has not long been released to the world and already has become a worldwide hit amongst different platforms. Due to its cross-play feature and refreshing take on the Action-RPG genre.

Along with the release, players can enjoy access to Dauntless Season 5: Hidden Blades Hunt Pass, a pass which is similar to Fortnite Battle Pass. A way for players to earn and unlock seasonal rewards and loot such as Skins, Emotes, Platinum and other customization for your character.

Dauntless is available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC with full support for cross-platform play and cross-progression.

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Hunt Pass Season 5: Hidden Blades

Dauntless Hunt Pass Season 5 Seasonal Rewards
Hunt Pass Season 5: Hidden Blades Seasonal Rewards – Dauntless

Every player will have access to the Basic tier of Dauntless Season 5 Hunt Pass that will consist of 50 levels. At specific levels, players can earn seasonal rewards and cosmetics for their hard work. However, if you purchase the Elite Pass of Dauntless Hunt Pass, you will gain an additional 50 more levels and exclusive premium rewards such as Dauntless seasonal skin and even gaining extra rewards at the end of a Hunt.

The Hunt Pass Season 5: Hidden Blades Elite Pass will cost 1,000 Platinum or $9.99. If you are familiar with Epic Games Fortnite, Platinum is Dauntless version of V-Bucks. A premium currency that allows you to purchase various cosmetics, bonuses and character customization from the Dauntless store.

To obtain Platinum in Dauntless you can either earn it through rewards or spend real life cash in exchange for some Platinum. You can purchase 1,000 Platinum for $9.99 which is the exact amount needed for Dauntless Hunt Pass.

If you purchase Hunt Pass Season 5: Hidden Blades you can receive half amount of Platinum back in rewards by reaching level 100 (50 Free Pass and 50 Elite Pass)

Gaining Hunt Pass Levels

Completing weekly missions and special tasks you will earn parts that help you get to the next level of your Hunt Pass. You will reach the next level for every 100 parts you earn, so if you own the Elite Pass you will need to earn 5,000 parts to reach max level.

Dauntless Hunt Pass Season 5 Hidden Blades Free and Elite Pass
Hunt Pass Season 5: Hidden Blades Free and Elite Pass – Dauntless

If you in a rush to unlock rewards you desperately want, you can spend 200 Platinum to instantly level up and claim your rewards. All level skips will cost 200 Platinum regardless of your current level and will carry over the progress of your current parts to the following level. For example, if you have 75/100 parts completed until you next level, skipping to the next level will increase your level and keep your 75/100 parts progress.

Dauntless Hunt Pass Season 5 End Date

Season 5 of Dauntless Hunt Pass is available now until the end of Dauntless Season 5 which is on 9th July 2019.

Hunt Pass Season 5: Hidden Blades Rewards

LevelBasic PassElite Pass
1 Bronze Slayer Core Ninja Set
2 Barrage Grenade Gold Slayer Core
3 Platinum (x25) Quicksilver (Dye)
4 Silver Slayer Core Platinum (x50)
5 Moonflower Banner (sigil) Ripper (Sword Transmog)
6 Bronze Slayer core Assassin’s Strike (sigil)
7 Rams (x5000) Throwing Stars (emote)
8 Wrathwort (x20) Assassin’s Strike (flare)
9 Aetherdust (x50) Platinum (x50)
10Silver Slayer CoreBNight Beacon (Lantern Transmog)
11 Bronze Slayer CoreBarrage Grenade
Inferno Grenade
Coldsnap Grenade
Transfusion Grenade
12 Rams (5,000) Ace Chips (x30)
13 Platinum (x25) Fatal Flourish (Repeaters Transmog)
14 Ace Chips (x30) Silver Slayer Core
15 Death’s Cloak Laughing Death (Helm Transmog)
16 None Horns of Blood (sigil)
17 Wrathwort (x20) Transmog Stones
18 None Horns of Blood (flare)
19 Rams (x5000) Platinum (x50)
20 Silver Slayer Core Ogre’s Claw (Axe Transmog)
21 30 Ace Chips Wrathwort (x20)
22 None Ace Chips (x30)
23 Platinum (x25) Aether Dust (x50)
24 None Gold Slayer Core
25 Moonflower Signal (flare) Morality’s Bite (Chain Blades Transmog)
26 None Assassin’s Shield (sigil)
27 None Barrage Grenade
Inferno Grenade
Coldsnap Grenade
Transfusion Grenade
28 Bronze Slayer Core Assassin’s Shield (flare)
29 None Platinum (x50)
30 Ace Chips (x30) Bloodlust (Dye)
31 None Silver Slayer Core
32 None Platinum (x50)
33 Ace Chips (x30) One Fingered Pushup (Emote)
34 None Gold Slayer Core
35 Staff of the Laughing Death Dark Finality (War Pike Tansmog)
36 None Five Truths (sigil)
37 None Wrathwort (x20)
38 Barrage Grenade Five Truths (flare)
39 None Platinum (x50)
40 Platinum (x25) Starstruck (Banner Emote)
41 None Gold Slayer Core
42 None Platinum (x50)
43 None Transmog Stones
44 None Aether Dust (x50)
45 Gold Slayer Core Demonic Brute (Hammer Transmog)
46 None Spinning Star (sigil)
47 None Festival Dance (Emote)
48 None Spinning Star (flare)
49 None Platinum (x50)
50 Silent Shadow Threat Display (Emote)