Dauntless will graciously receive its first major content update dubbed Fortune and Glory. Impressively Phoenix Labs will introduce not one but two new Hunt Passes.

Fortune and Glory patch will mark the start of a new season for the free-to-play, Behemoth slaying RPG. Known as High Skies, the season will come with a batch of new challenges, fresh items, Lady Luck’s in-game store and pirate-inspired cosmetics.

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Additionally, a new form of formidable challenges will be introduced called Trials. Modifying Behemoths in unique ways that would make the scientists from Jurassic World proud! Players will take up the challenge of slaying Behemoths that have been enhanced with deadly modifiers. Phoenix Labs have forewarned players promising Deadlier Behemoths than anything you’ve seen before. While also stating “Think Nayzaga with Ragetail Gnasher’s shockwaves and Shrowd’s near-sight vision. Ouch.

Successfully completing Lady Luck’s Trials will earn Dauntless Slayers a new form of currency – Marks. This new currency can be used wisely to purchase cosmetics and combat-enhancing items form Lady Luck’s shop. Steel Marks can be spent on weapon enhancing, whereas, Gilded Marks are strictly used for cosmetics.

Another great reason to partake in Lady Luck’s Trials is the possibility of your name featuring on the brand-new Wall of Champions. Split into two sections, Solo and Party, The Wall of Champions will feature the names of slayers with the fastest completion time for each week’s Trial.

“Assassins are out. Corsairs are in. With the end of Hidden Blades on July 16, 2019, the season of High Skies officially begins.”

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Snail-like Creatures Island Of Trials

As you can already guess by the title, Dauntless’ upcoming season will boast two Hunt Passes. The first Hunt Pass Fortune and Glory will start July 16, 2019, and end sometime in August. Corsair-inspired, Fortune and Glory will feature many fantastic Pirates themed goodies. Once Fortune and Glory ends, the second Hunt Pass – Zephyr Strike will immediately begin.

What is the Dauntless Hunt Pass?

By purchasing the Hunt Pass, Slayers will gain access to exclusive content and rewards. Completing quests and defeating monsters, will earn you parts that will go towards leveling your Hunt Pass. Each level will earn you a new reward.