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Fans will be excited that Deathwing, the most requested hero of all time will be heading into the nexus. Heroes of the Storm newest hero will have two forms and two sets of abilities and is playable right now at the Blizzards Arcade.

BlizzCon or Virtual ticket holders will automatically receive Deathwing the Destroyer as soon as he goes live in the Nexus.

News of the latest hero will not come as a surprise to avid fans, as we got to see the first look of the upcoming Deathwing hero, in-game, a few days ago. You can watch Deathwing first look in the video below.

For those who have yet to play Blizzard’s version of League of Legends, it’s the perfect opportunity to start playing. In celebration of BlizzCon, all Heroes of the Storm champions are now free until 10th November.