Switching into defensive mode, the Defense Forme Deoxys are coming! Just in time for EX Raids!

News of Deoxy in Pokémon Go have been floating around social media, thanks to leaks that have revealed the Psychic-type mythical Pokémon and the Ex Raids event. We now have official confirmation from The Pokémon Go team and learned the date of when the event will take place.

Ex Raids Event

Date of Ex Raids Event

You will be able to start challenging Defense Forme Deoxys during the EX Raids event at the beginning of 25th March. To participate you will first require an EX Raid pass which can be obtainned when you have successfully won a Raid Battle at qualifying gym. Ex Pass will reveal the date and time when you can challenge the Defense Forme Deoxys.

To discover which gyms are Ex Raid gyms, look at the gym details and will see a tag if it is. Remember Deoxys have taken defensive form and may be tough to beat. Invite your friends and together you gain advantage and succeed in defeating Deoxys.

Defense Forme Deoxys

When you enter the Raid Battle and faced with Defense Forme Deoxy as the Raid Boss, it is best to prepare yourself with the knowledge that will provide you with the edge during battle. Identifying the Psychic Pokémon Strengths and weaknesses.

Defense Forme Deoxys Counters

Deoxys has four different forms it can take, Normal Forme, Attack Forme, Speed Forme and Defense Forme. The last form, Defense form is also the weakest Forme, relying on extra health to sustain attack rather than dealing them.

Assembling your team of Pokémon, it is best to focus on Pokémon that have Bug, Dark or Ghost-type skills as they are super-effective Deoxys. But be wary of using Fighting or Poison-types as they will be vulnerable from the Raid Boss attacks.