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Bungie is about to gently kick off the customary Halloween event of Destiny 2, recycling from the past even as it tosses some unexpected twists.

The Festival of the Lost this year will run between the 29 October to 19 November, reintroducing both Eva Levante and the candy system. Win enough candy, and you can purchase “grab bags” as well as the Masterworked edition of the Werewolf legendary auto rifle. The Haunted Forest equally makes its resurgence and tests you in 15 minutes to travel as far as possible into the spooky maze.

Destiny 2 Halloween Event Festival Of The Lost
Destiny 2 Halloween Event Festival Of The Lost

Eva, who has found a home on the Tower for the exclusive event will attach the Guardians with a Masquerader Helmet to start things off. The helmet can also be enhanced with festival-themed ornaments which can be purchased with Chocolate Strange coins, won through divine bounties and activities. During their festive adventures, players can also collect Candy which could be spent on Mystery Grab Bags or the Werewolf.

There are traditionally no radical deviations from the formula of D2, but this is not altogether a terrible thing. The Festival of the Lost is one of Destiny’s longest-running seasonal events and often its craziest – an excuse to cut loose in a sometimes extremely serious game.