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Blizzard has just unveiled their latest action role-playing game Diablo IV to the world and it promises to be darker, much darker!

Focusing on three main aspects of the game, developer Luis Barriga announced that Darkness, World, and Legacy all contribute to the main aspects as to why Diablo IV will be amazing. Let’s go over each aspect individually to understand why.

Diablo 4 Revealed Blizzcon 2019
Diablo 4 Revealed BlizzCon 2019

Darkness: From the Art, story and horror elements the first thing you notice is that Diablo will be going back to the franchise darker routes. It will mean blood and gore, occult symbols and rituals, more importantly, it will mean victories will be neither clean or guaranteed.

World: So far we’ve only seen glimpses into the sanctuary in previous Diablo games. In Diable IV, Sanctuary will be put front and center. Every character and every monster to have a sense of place. Going deeper and deeper to the depth below, you’ll encounter a medieval version of hell. The world is how you’ll experience most of Diablo 4, it’s within the world that you will find enemy camp and allies alike. It will also be the place to find players to interact with for trades, grouping up or battle one another to the death in PVP zones!

Legacy: Game developer Luis Barriga claims the aim of Diable 4 is to bring the same sense of dread from Diablo 1 combined with the classic lineup from Diablo 2 and even the best in class fluid combat from Diablo 3. The aim is that new players’ experience will be the same as others that have played all the previous version.

The first three classes were also announced in front of the live crowd, which are:

  • Barbarian
  • Sorceress
  • Druid:

We’re expected to receive more news in the coming days as Blizzard hosts special panels to reveal more in-depth information about the new game.

“We have super exciting couple of days ahead of us, we have panels where we’re going to go deeper into the features, the system’s the world the art of Diable IV”

Luis Barriga
Diablo 4 Trailer Blizzcon 2019
Diablo 4 Trailer Blizzcon 2019