Fortnite Teaser DJ Llama Season 6

Twitter has exploded over an image of the first (of many we hope) teasers for the upcoming Fortnite season 6. So far there is only one image flying about and teases a Llama dress as a DJ.

Fortnite released the teaser to its 5.74 million fans on Twitter. The image was uploaded with the following caption.

All great parties need a DJ.  3 days to Season 6.

Epic Games – Fortnite

From the image, you see a purple LLama costume with the familiar symbols we’ve seen these past weeks in Season 5, will Loot Lake spawn DJ Llamas everywhere?

What is installed for seasons 6 is anyone’s guess but we know it will be crazy! From past seasons we had the Meteor that struck the heart of Dusty Divot which destroyed the town, the rocket opening rifts to allow players to travel through the wormhole. Now season 6 employs DJ LLamas?

Epic Games are known to release cryptic teasers before a season starts causing fans to miss conceive where the season will take them. This Fortnite Season 6 teaser is no different.

Now we are at the end of Season 5 where the entire world has been tracking a giant purple cube all over Fortnite Battlegrounds wondering what will happen next.

In the Fortnite Season 6 teaser, you can at first see the sci-fi Llama with futuristic headphones on. But if you look closer at the image, it appears to be a reflection inside of the cube. Which tells us that the cube’s story is not over yet.

Stay tuned for more teasers or leaks if and when they surface.