The Division 2 provides players with many collectibles to find, including 12 secret Hunter Masks.

Our comprehensive guide will help you locate all 12 Hunter Masks including all pre-requisites you’ll need to find them.

Collecting all 12 Hunter Masks will definitely secure you style points, however, the road to achieving this feat will be relatively difficult and frustrating at times. It’s vital to note, Hunter masks will cover your characters entire face to provide purely a cosmetic value only. Now, let’s dive into the first Hunter mask, shall we?

The Division 2 Hunter Mask Pre-requisites

  • All mask hunts will need to be done at night with the exception of the Demon mask. It’s also worth pointing out that all hunters are usually level 35, so make sure you’re around that level before attempting.
  • Clear the area of enemy patrols else Hunters won’t spawn. Listen out for audio cues to notify you when a Hunter has spawned.
  • Hunters have a chance to drop an Ivory Key which will contain information on spawning Hunters.

Hint: To find out the time of day, go into the menu and hold down F (default) and in the top right you’ll see the time. Night time is from 19:00 onwards.

The Division 2 All 12 Hunter Mask Locations

Ghost and Spectre Masks

Pre-requisite: Make sure you have control of the Monument. If you do not, you’ll have to reclaim the point before progressing.

Head to the Washington Monument and run down the elevator shaft and go to the back of the loot room. Inside you’ll notice a stone statue and behind that, a large screen with an interactive button. Interact with the screen, and you’ll spot three map points on the screen. These are locations of three different graves that you need to visit and salute emote to continue.

Starting with the first point which is next to the Control Point by the shipping containers in the bottom right. Facing the containers, you’ll notice a wooden grave. Solely use the salute emote, if done correctly you’ll notice some static feedback affecting your UI.

The second can be found Northeast of the monument, amongst some trees. Face directly towards the direction of the Monument and salute. Finally, the third can be located Southeast of the monument in the grassy area. Again face the monument to the point where you can see the words UNITE between the two bushes.

Once you’ve saluted at all of the grave locations, return to the screen in the loot room of the Control Point. Interact with the button once again, and the screen will turn black with a large orange circle in the center. That’s the first part accomplished.

From this point on even if you fail any of the following tasks, you will not need to go back and salute graves.

Promptly head Northwest and look for the sign that reads “Missing Person.” Enter the area and look up and to your right. Crouched on top of a shipping container you should spot the Hunter. Now, you’ll need to assassinate the Hunter in one-shot to get the mask else the Hunter will disappear. A sharpshooter will be handy for this Hunter. If successful, the Ghost Mask will drop.

If you do fail at defeating the Hunter in one-shot you’ll have to wait a new day cycle and re-enter the Monument, press the button and revisit the location again. (Sometimes going back to the Control Point right away and trying again works.)

Right off the back of the Ghost mask, you’ll also be able to obtain the Spectre mask. Head North of the Monument and investigate the rooftops for the Hunter. Keep checking your UI for static. This will indicate that the Hunter has spawned. Once again kill the Hunter with one shot and the Spectre mask will drop.

Note: Make sure the Hunter does not see you approaching else it will run and despawn.

Midas and Revenant masks

Midas and Revenant Hunter Masks Location
Midas and Revenant Mask Locations – The Division 2

Head to the West side of the map to the location with a shallow swimming pool. Stand inside the swimming pool and use the Jumping Jack emote. Upon performing this two Hunters will spawn. Eradicate them both to receive the Midas mask and the Revenant mask.

Division 2 Ghoul mask location

All 12 Hunter Mask Locations - The Division 2 Ghoul Mask
Ghoul Mask Location – The Division 2

For the Ghoul mask, you’ll need to head to the bottom left-hand corner of the map near the Lincoln Memorial. To the North of the Memorial will be an SHD Cache marked on your map. Once you arrive at the cache, head down the sewer entrance and follow the tunnel until you enter a room with a laptop opened on a desk. Interact with the laptop. This will turn on a lightbulb revealing a map on the wall with an X and crescent moon above. This indicates your location and the requirement is to be done at night time.

Go to the body of water at the memorial and look for the scaffolding that includes a flickering light dangling from it. Shoot the lightbulb which will cause a large smoke cloud to erupt and a Hunter will appear. Once again, kill the Hunter and receive his Ghoul mask.

Division 2 Wraith mask location

Wraith Hunter Mask Location The Division 2 Guides
Wraith Mask Location – The Division 2

To obtain this mask go to the far East of the map, to the right of the safehouse. You should encounter a memorial with many veteran names plastered all over the wall. There will be a small spotlight illuminating the names on the wall, shoot this light so that the names are no longer visible. Step just outside the water while still facing the wall then use the salute emote.

This will cause the Hunter to instantly spawn. Identical principles as the previous Hunters, take him out, and he’ll drop the Wraith mask!

Division 2 Crimson mask location

How to get the Crimson Mask in Division 2
Crimson Mask Location – The Division 2

To get this mask you’ll need to expect a bit of a journey. First head to the location Northeast of the map near the stronghold by the Judiciary Square. Go to the courtyard and stand facing the wall with two doorways. Go through one of the doorways, and you’ll come across a computer that you can interact with. Now exit this room the way you came and continue into the room on the opposing side of the courtyard and interact with the phone.

Upon completing that, turn around and you’ll notice a cloud of smoke filling up the courtyard area. This indicates the Hunter has spawned. Once again kill the Hunter and receive the Crimson Mask.

Cross, Death, Diamond, and Phantom masks.

The Division all 12 mask locations
Four Hunters and Four Masks – The Division 2

As you can probably tell by how many masks are up for grabs, this will represent the most challenging task so far. With four masks up for grabs, let’s dive right in. Navigate north of the Control Point to a large park with a Christmas tree in the middle. Investigate the offices near the Christmas tree and pull the lever on the side of the desk.

Now go back outside and start running around the Christmas tree a few times until you see puffs of smoke. Doing this will spawn not one but three Hunters. Each Hunter will behave differently and contain different weapons and move set from each other so be wary.

If you can rise up to the challenge of facing the three Hunters, you’ll receive three unique masks – Cross, Diamond and Death masks. To obtain the Phantom mask, head just outside the park to the street on the right-hand side. You should encounter the fourth Hunter crouched near the fence.

Division 2 Demon Mask Location

Demon Hunter Mask Location The Division 2 Guide
Demon Mask Location – The Division 2

For the final mask, make your way to the shopping mall that’s barely East of the White House. Go down the escalator and follow the path round to the stairs until you come across the grassy platform.

Stand on the platform and look ahead at the window in front. You should notice four small targets in the windows. Shoot each target from top-to-bottom to make the Hunter appear. Promptly proceed to eliminate the last Hunter and claim his Demon Mask.

That’s it! You’re now the proud owner of all 12 secret Hunter Mask in The Division 2.